PC Money Making Blogs


PC Money Making Blogs

What is the best way for the average person to get the most PC money from their computer and the Internet?

The one-two-three combination for maximum PC money is simply this:

  1. Set up a niche blog
  2. Promote niche products related to your blog
  3. Promote your blog

Let’s see how you can easily carry out these two steps.

Step One: Set Up a Niche Blog

Before we get to the details about registering a blog, let’s pick a niche.

A niche is not simply a specific subject or topic. It’s a topic people are interested in and are willing to spend money on.

The most useful way to find a niche is to determine what people are already searching for. Determine what they are interested in. This is easy to do with the Google keywords tool found at:


You can use keywords to find other, related keywords along with their monthly search volumes.

It will probably take a while to settle on a topic you are interested in. But, once you’ve got a topic and one or more keywords that describe your topic, you’re ready to set up a blog.

You can get a free blog at places like:

Registering at these sites is simple.

As part of the registration process, you will need to choose a name for your blog. Try to use the keywords you selected in your blog title. You may need to add a word because many keyword phrases are already taken.

For example, if your keyword phrase is “housebreaking your dog”, you may need to add a word to get that phrase for your blog. You may need to use “housebreaking your dog quickly”. Of course, you’ll need to squash the words together so your blog title will actually be “housebreakingyourdogquickly”.

Using your important keywords in your blog title helps search engines understand what your blog is all about.

When you write blog posts or find articles to post on your blog, make sure they contain some of the keywords you have selected. This also helps search engine to properly recognize the topic of your site.

Step Two: Promote Niche Products Related to Your Blog

As you post blog entries, you’ll recommend certain products your readers can purchase. This is one key to making money with your blog.

While you can promote your own products (if you have any), you can also promote other people’s products using an affiliate link.

There are tens of thousands of affiliate products you can promote on just about any topic.

Probably the best place to find affiliate products is at:


They offer thousands of products in various price ranges on just about any subject. You can often make 50 to 75% of the sale price by directing one of your readers to purchase a product.

Step Three: Promote Your Blog

To get the most PC money from your blog, you need people to visit your blog.

It’s just like a store running an ad in the newspaper. You need to advertise to promote your blog.

In all likelihood, you’re just starting out. So, you’ll need to promote your blog using little or no money.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of way to promote your blog. Some of these ways include:

  1. Participating in niche related forums. Let people on the forums get to know and trust you. When you give advice, they will listen. Answer some question on the forums, but point to your blog for a more in depth answer. This will help drive interested people to your blog.
  2. Write articles related to your niche. You can place articles on a variety of article sites like:

    Included with each article is a resource box that will have a link to your blog. This also helps drive targeted traffic to your blog.

  3. Write press releases about solutions you have found for common problems. Direct interested readers to you blog for details.

If you follow these steps your blog will reach be quickly found by your target audience and you’ll start getting visitors. And, since these visitors have an interest in your site, many will become buyers of the products your recommend.

Your PC money machine will be in full operation.

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