"Yes, You Can Boost Your Income"

What Would an Extra $50, $100 or More
Every Day Do For You?

All for 10 minutes of work a week.

You won't find anything simpler or more "hands off" than this. Build an increasing daily income with just a few minutes of attention each week.

By helping an Internet marketer you will be earning a substantial monthly payment that could make a major difference in your lifestyle.

And, this won't cost you a cent.

Who is This Internet Marketer?

He in an Internet marketer who has millions of people in his email lists. And, he makes tons of money daily from the creative emails he sends out.

His problem is that his autoresponder won't let him maintain all his subscribers on one huge mailing list. Autoresponder companies like to have many small accounts rather than a few really huge accounts. He really needs your help in managing these subscribers.

This is Where You Come In

If you could simply use a specific autoresponder service, he will supply you with 300-1000 new subscribers per week. You simply download them to your computer and upload them to the autoresponder. That's all you do every week.

In return, he will pay you 20 cents per click when an email recipient clicks on a link in the email.

Now, the first week when you have only 300-1000 members in the list, you will earn around $5 a day. (Actually, I got $9 my first day and $37 my first week.) Even without the $100 sign-up bonus, you will be in profit in your second week.

Over the course of the first month you will receive more subscribers and see your daily income grow to $20 or more per day.

Your second month should see an income of $500 or more deposited to your bank account.

Every week you will continue to see increases in your daily earnings as the total number of people in the autoresponder increases.

Now, What is Required of You?

  • First, you need to sign up for an autoresponder account. This autoresponder costs $47 per month. But, you get it for $10 for the first 10 days just to help you understand that this is not a scam. (The $47 is a fixed monthly cost that will be more than covered by your earnings.)

  • Second, you need to set up one autoresponder group, which takes about 5 minutes.

  • Third, every week, starting today you will download the subscribers list he has for you and upload it to the autoresponder. This takes about 10 minutes. This is all you need to do every week.

  • Fourth, you need to give your autoresponder login and password this marketer. This will allow him to remotely email the people in your autoresponder. Once you do that, he will give you a $100 sign-up bonus. The $100 will cover your first two months charges for the autoresponder. Shortly after your first two months you will be earning about $45 a day.

Now, here is the question you need to answer:

"Am I willing to pay $47 a month in order to make $50 a day, even if it takes three months?"

This is hardly worth asking since your first two months are more than covered by the $100 sign-up bonus. Anyone would do this even if it were half as good and took twice as long.

Don't worry that this is too difficult. There are videos that show you everything you need to do. It's really simple.

As you can imagine, the Internet marketer is going to make a lot of money from his emails. But, he is willing to give you 20 cents for every click his subscribers make on the links in the emails. And, you can expect, on average, about 50 clicks per day ($10) for every 1000 people in your list.

As the number of subscribers grows to 5,000 or 10,000 imagine what an extra $50 or $100 a day will do for you.

I can assure you that this is not a scam. I am doing this and making good money.

It's your time to make money.

So, if you can be patient while watching your daily earnings increase over time, then....

Bob Sherman