How to Sell More Affiliate Products Than Everyone Else

I don’t care what you’re selling, if you’re an affiliate then you have a whole boatload of competition. There may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates all selling the exact same thing as you.

And you know what?

If you just run around the internet slapping banner ads up hither and yon, you’re not going to sell much of anything. Your ads will get lost in the noise. You’ll get beat out by any number of other affiliates who’ll outsell you any day of the week.

But hold on a second

Being beaten by the competition is for mediocre affiliates, and you’re anything but mediocre. Once you know the same secrets as the super affiliates, then you too can outsell the competition. So let’s start right now with these three tips and tricks for turning you into a top affiliate…

#1: Engage Your Audience

Take a look at what the top affiliates are doing, and you’ll see that their focus isn’t on driving cold traffic to the vendor’s sale page. Instead, super affiliates drive traffic to their own lead pages, build a list, engage this audience, and then drive these warm leads to their affiliate links.

A lot of aspiring affiliates see this process and try to mimic it. They set up lead pages. They give away enticing lead magnets to build their list. They send out gobs of emails to their list. They promote offers like crazy.

And what happens?


Not a darn thing, because the list is about as responsive (and profitable) as a dead weed.

So what went wrong?

In most cases the problem boils down to this: the affiliate never built a relationship with the list. They never engaged the audience.

You see, just because someone joined your list doesn’t mean they’re now your best friend and they’re going to open and read every email you send. The only person who’ll do that is your mother. For everyone else, you need to gain their trust.

So what you need to do is send out a good “edutaining” content in every email. This is content that educates while being entertaining. Because at the end of the day, your prospects want solutions to their problems, but they don’t want to be bored out of their minds reading a lecture from you.

Here are a few more tips for engaging your audience:

  • Give them what they want. Do your market research to find out what your subscribers want, and then give it to them. Test, test and test some more to see what they respond to the best, and give them more of what they want (and less of what they don’t want).
  • Share your best stuff for free. When your subscribers see what sort of amazing secrets you’re sharing for free, trust will grow by leaps and bounds, which in turn creates sales. Plus you’ll trip the reciprocity trigger, which makes your subscribers feel obligated and downright compelled to buy what you’re selling.
  • Email them often. You can’t build a relationship and engage people out in the brick and mortar world by talking to someone every once in a blue moon. Same goes for your subscribers. If you want to build a good relationship, then your edutaining emails need to land in front of them at least once a week.
  • Recommend good stuff. If you wouldn’t recommend it to your mother or your best friend, then don’t recommend it to your list.

Next tip…

#2: Presell the Offer

Tossing a link in front of your audience with very little comment is one of the quickest ways to the affiliate poorhouse. Your readers are bombarded by ads and banners and links – they sure don’t need you to shove another one in their face.

You see, part of your job as an affiliate is to sort through all the different products in your niche, review them, and recommend only the best products to your readers.

THAT’S what your readers want. They want to hear about the benefits of the product. They want to hear what you think of the product. They want to know why they should buy it.

Let me share with you a little secret…

Your readers want to be led. They don’t really want to sort through all the information themselves to decide if the product is right for them. They want you to tell them.

So what do you need to do?

Pretty simple, really: you need to presell the offer. That means that you send out multiple emails that cover all the benefits of the product and handle your prospects’ most likely objections. You warm the audience up to the offer. They’ll have their credit card out and their mouse ready to click the “order” button even before the sales page loads.

And finally, here’s another way to outsell your competition…

#3: Add Value to the Offer

You’re up against a lot of competition, and everyone is pushing the exact same offer. So here’s what you can do to sell more than everyone else: add value to the offer.

What this means is that you create a product or service and offer it as a bonus to those who purchase the affiliate product through your link. If you offer something desirable, valuable, and tightly related to the original offer, you’re sure to get plenty of people clamoring to buy through your link.

For example, if you’re promoting software, then you might create a video that shows customers how to install the software, customize it, and use it for maximum benefit.

Another example: let’s suppose you’re selling a copywriting book. You might put together a huge swipe file and headline templates and then offer this as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link.

One more example: let’s suppose you’re selling a set of bodybuilding videos that cover everything from lifts to nutrition. You might offer meal-planning software to help customers go through their bulking and cutting cycles.

Bottom line is that if your bonus product enhances the use or enjoyment of the main product, then there’s a good chance it will boost conversions and put more money in your pocket.


These three tips are how to sell more affiliate products than everyone else.

These tips aren’t something you use in isolation. Instead, you need to use them together for maximum effect. That’s because adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot if you’re putting this offer in front of an unresponsive audience. Preselling an offer to a dead list also doesn’t work. And truth is, adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot either if you’re not also preselling the offer. So the point is, use these tactics together for maximum benefit.

These are just three simple steps you can take to really boost your conversion rate – and there are plenty more where these came from. To discover the tips and tricks the top affiliates use to build and run their own affiliate businesses, check this out the Affiliate Profits Club.

You won’t find a better way to learn the truth about affiliate marketing, so check it out now – and hurry, because this offer won’t last long.

Three Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

Do you know the three secrets of choosing an awesomely profitable affiliate offer? If not, learn them here and get a free membership in the Affiliate Profit Club below.

Here’s one thing the super affiliates do differently than everyone else: they know how to pick a good product to sell. You see, choosing the wrong affiliate offer can ruin your entire business by destroying your reputation. Do you think your subscribers will still trust you if you recommend a shoddy product or a scamming vendor? Not a chance. That’s why you’ll want to protect your reputation and your business by only promoting high-quality products put out by reputable vendors. Here’s how to do it…

Review the Product

It doesn’t matter if every other affiliate in the niche is raving about the product. It doesn’t matter if you have to buy the product yourself (hey, it’s tax deductible in most places). It doesn’t matter if the sales page is as slick as a whistle and the commissions are eye-popping… Simply put, don’t recommend it if you haven’t first reviewed and used the product. See, here’s the thing… All those other affiliates raving about the product may not have used the product either. They’re all just looking for something profitable to promote. So if you simply follow the herd, they may just lead you off a cliff. Imagine if the product actually turns out to be complete junk. What do you think that will do to your reputation if you recommend the product to your readers? That’s right, they may never trust you again if you hype up a pile of junk. It’s not worth it to promote a big-commission product if it turns out to be junk. You may get a pile of cash today, but you’ll be hard pressed to ever sell anything to your list again. So the only products you should be recommending are those you’d recommend to your mother or your best friend. Next up…

Check Out the Sales Page

The large majority of product vendors want to do everything they can to make sure their affiliates are happy. But then there is this minority of vendors who’re sneaky as hell. These guys are so shady they’d steal commissions from their own mother. And that’s why you need to watch your back. After all, if they’d steal from you, just imagine how they’ll treat your customers. So what you want to do is check out the sales page and order form. Go through every link. Go through the entire process. Watch for these things:

  • Unnecessary sales page leaks, such as links leading off the page. In particular, look for ads to other products.
  • Alternative payment methods on the order form that don’t give you affiliate credit. This could be another payment processor, or even a number for telephone orders.
  • Hijacked commissions. The most nefarious vendors will actually overwrite your affiliate link with their own. Go through the ordering process to ensure you get credit for sales.

In short, look for anything that could stifle sales or hijack your commissions. Finally…

Research the Vendor

The product looks great, the sales page looks good. Time to promote? Not quite. Now you need to research the vendor to be sure he’s not going to treat your customers (or you) poorly. So drop his name into your favorite search engine and do some research. Look for a pattern of complaints such as:

  • Slow or otherwise poor customer service.
  • Not honoring a guarantee/refund policy.
  • Doesn’t pay business partners (or pays them slowly).

Just look for anything that might suggest your vendor may try to rip off you or your customers – and if you see even one tiny red flag, move on.

Bottom Line

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products. Now this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month. Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profit Club. Check it out now to get in on a very special offer – you’ll be glad you did.

Effective Safelist Marketing

Effective safelist marketing can make your marketing effects successful. A safelist is made up of a group of members who are willing to receive emails from you. They will click a credit link in the email. Then they will look at the web page you are promoting for a short time. This will earn them credits that will allow them to send their ad to safelist members.

People use safelists in order to send their ad to a large number of people who will actually read their ad. For the right kind of ad, this can be quite effective.

The main advantage of safelists is that they are free advertising. Most safelists are free to use, though most have upgrades that offer various advantages (such as more credits per click or shorter viewing times).

A couple of safelists I use nearly every day are:

What is Safelist Traffic?

Safelist traffic primarily consists of people who are in the Internet marketing, business opportunity, or make money online niche.

Safelist traffic includes people who want to show other people their ads. So, they are involved in marketing and promoting various opportunities or products.

What Should You Promote to a Safelist?

You should promote a page that would appeal to a person involved in a business opportunity or online marketing.

The most effective type of page to promote on safelists is an opt-in page. People involved in one opportunity are often looking for another opportunity that will produce better results. If your opportunity looks promising, viewers will opt-in to see what you have to offer.

You opt-in page should be appealing and must load quickly. People using safelists will view you page for, usually, 6 to 15 seconds to gain credits. That’s all the time your page will have to attract their interest.

Do Safelists Still Work?

Safelists still work. I usually get several people opting in to my autoresponder every day.

Of course, this depends on the particular page I am promoting. Here is one page I find is quite effective.

Note that thousands of people will need to see your opt-in page for you to get a single subscriber. So, this advertising technique is much less effective than, say, solo ads. But, safelists are free. So they are great for people just starting out.

Safelist Marketing | Can Safelist Make You Money? Watch this first!

This video shows how one person is building a Traffic Wave business using free safelist advertising.

How to Make Money with Safelists

Of course, making money with safelists is what everyone wants. But, you must remember that you have only about 10 seconds to attract the viewer’s attention. After that they will close your page and view the next credit link.

That’s not enough time to present an effective sales page for a product.

So, you do not make money directly with a safelist. Instead, you use a safelist to build your autoresponder list.

Once you have subscribers to your list, then you send them emails promoting your business opportunity or products.

How to Use Safelists Effectively

I use safelists nearly every day. But, I don’t spend a lot of time reading emails and clicking credit links. I automate this process.

While I’m writing this post I have Fast Traffic Bot working in the background reading emails and clicking credit links, earning me credits every minute.

When I’m ready, I log in the the safelists and send my promotional email to thousands of safelist members.

I even have some bonuses for you if you purchase Fast Traffic Bot. Take a look at these bonuses here.

Safelists can be an effective advertising tool for you. Give them a try.

Online Business Success With No More SELLING

Is online business success with no more selling even possible?

The answer may surprise you because most people have been taught to sell products.

But, promoting one product or another in your online business means you’re simply a salesperson. And, the fact is …

Nobody Likes a Salesman

Why? Salespeople are not objective. The are biased toward their “brand” of products.

They can only sell certain products.

Ford dealers won’t recommend a GM product. Only Ford products.

You know salespeople are not looking out for your best interests. They are trying to sell you on their own band of products.

The trust level of salespeople is pretty low — with good reason.

Wouldn’t it be better to achieve online business success with no more selling?

If you are into affiliate marketing, you know the resistance of your audience. After all, you’re simply pitching the “product of the day.” Tomorrow you will probably be pitching another product.

If you are involved with a network marketing or MLM program, you are probably trying to promote your products. It may be cosmetics products, skin-care products, sports nutrition dietary supplements, essential oils, meal replacement foods, etc.

But, you should not be simply promoting and selling your products.

Instead you should be building your organization with people who…

1) Want to make more money
2) Are willing to spend a little money for products each month

You should be finding people who know they can’t reach their lifestyle goals with their current methods. These are the people who will build a network marketing business.

Then teach them to find people who want to make more money.

The product you use should help you promote your opportunity to people who want to make more money.

It’s that simple.

==> Get more details here.

How to Make More Sales: Know, Like, and Trust

If you’re stuck on selling, you need help. You need to get your prospects to trust you.

And, that is pretty hard.

Here are some tips to help people progress from knowing you, liking you, to trusting you. This process is helpful if you want them to buy the product you are promoting.

Online Business Success With No More SELLING

But, why go through the hassle if you don’t need to.

Find people who want to own their life and show them how to do just that.

==> Get more details here.

How to Own Your Life with a Home Based Business

Most people get into a home based business because they want to own their life. They want the time freedom and the money freedom to fulfill their dreams.

If you want to know how to own your life with a home based business, this video can help.

Too many people think being successful requires you to sell the products your business supplies.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Network marketing or multi-level marketing works best when you understand that everyone needs to buy some product every month. And, the products have to be of good quality. But, the key to success is to find other people who want to own their life.

For most network marketing systems, all you have to do is find 6 or 8 other people who want to own their life. Then train those people to find more people who want to own their life too.

Success is not about the products. It’s about developing a team of people with a desire to own their life.

Do you have time for the things you love to do and the money to do them? Own Your Life!


Hello. My name is Jeff Evers.

I’m a self-employed independent business owner. And the reason I decided to make this video is I’ve seen too many people fail in building their home-based business. And I just needed to do something to help correct this problem.

Why You Don’t Own Your Life

Now, the reason most people fail is not their fault. Without them even knowing this, the things that they think they need to do to build their business are actually causing them to fail.

You can liken it to that old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” But in this case, it’s a lot worse because when people get involved in the home based business industry they think they know what they need to do. And, in fact, they don’t. So they don’t even know that they don’t know.

Facts About a Home Business

So here are the facts.

One hundred percent of the people who are not involved in the home based business industry don’t understand it. And that’s not the worst part .The worst part is, ninety percent of people who are involved in the home based business industry don’t understand it.

And that might be the biggest problem we have. We’ve got all these so-called gurus that are out there trying to tell everybody that they know how to build a home based business. But they don’t have a clue. They don’t have a clue how to build a home based business that will last the test of time. So it’s no wonder we have so many people failing.

We begin building our home based business without a clue. And then we’re told what to do by people who don’t have a clue. If ever you want a recipe for disaster. this is it.

Recipe to Own Your Life

So, what is the right recipe for success in building home-based business?

Well, to quote Jim Collins the author of “Good to Great”, he says you need to begin by putting the right people on the bus. That means, before you or anyone else should ever join a company you should see to it that you are prepared to be successful in the industry.

Now I’m not talking about the people who just want to make a little extra money marketing something. You can accomplish that thinking at the level you’re at. The people I’m talking about are the people who want to make life-changing money. I’m talking about the people who like to own their life.

Now, if that’s you, if your motivation is to make some life changing income, then listen very carefully what I’m about to say.

It’s Not About Selling

You need to take the products that are being marketed to the consuming public out of your decision-making process. Now I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking, “How in the world can I ever decide to build a business without knowing the products are any good?” Now, don’t misunderstand. What I’m saying the products have to be good because if the products aren’t good then anything you’re building won’t last.

But the key to becoming successful in the home based business industry is not based upon the products. the key to your success will be based upon your knowing how to build. Because if you know how to build it, you can build any company.

Not knowing this principle has probably caused more people to fail in this industry than anything else. You see, when you come out of the gate talking products, everybody looks at you as a sales person. And you actually scare away the very people you need to become successful.

Selling vs. Building

Here’s a nugget: people who build large successful residual incomes don’t sell; they build. They build a team of people who are motivated about making life changing income.

And then they know that everybody they bring in, none of them has a clue on how to build the business. So guess what. They start them all right.

Here’s the way the five percenters look at this. They look at the company that they join as the vehicle. And then they look at the people that they bring in as the drivers of the vehicle. Now they know if they let somebody get into the driver’s seat before they train them to drive they’ll crash and burn. So they train them before they get them started in the company.

What the 5% Teach their Team

So here’s what the five percenters teach their team. Rather than go off and pitch products, go off and look for people who’d like to own their life. And when you think about owning in your life, you know you subtract out the work time, and sleep time, the commute time, the course of stuff you got to do everyday, the person usually is left or maybe an hour or two hours a day to do what they want.

And then when they have enough money to do what they want, these five percenters then teach their team to tell the prospects that we have discovered a way to learn how to own our life. And we have a system to do it.

That is so simple anyone can do it. It doesn’t require any selling. And the best part is it won’t take much of their time either. And then, the five percenters teach their team to say this. “If you’re interested, I’ll get you some information.” And if the prospect is interested, the five percenters teach their team not to say anything, not to answer any questions, just get this report in their hands.

Let the Tools do the Work

Let this tool do all the work. You see, in this report are steps to teaching the prospect how to drive. In this report are the key components of building a home based business that will last.

Here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to get you this report for free. Now if you’d like to have access to this system that the top producers use, this system that has helped in excess of 1 million people, if you’d like to own your life, then put your name and best email address in the form and I’ll rush this report right off to you.

It’s been great sharing with you. This is Jeff Evers signing off.

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I did it my way — and failed!

I Did it My Way and failed.

Still working on the web — your own way?

Remember Frank Sinatra?

Frank is known for singing the tune “My Way.”

He sings:

“The record shows,
I took the blows,
and did it my way!”

It’s a great tune.

And, it’s a superb notion.

Most of us want to stand against the odds and discover that we can have great results on our own.

And then, we have a passion for stories about Superman, Batman, James Bond, Jason Bourne, and a host of additional super-heroes.

Yet, all of them are fictional characters.

The truth is, aiming to have great results all on your own will not often work.

To take a vacation trip, we follow a map.

When we go beyond familiar areas, we look for support from a paper map or an electronic guide.

And then, we often look to specialists whenever we understand we need specialized expertise or skills.

We go to a medical professional when we are sick. We seek a financial planner to plot our economic future. We visit the dentist to get our tooth ache cured or get our teeth cleaned.

For most people, an online business is a new and different experience.

It’s a fact that 95% or more of individuals working online make much less than they spend.

That is because they don’t realize they require the assistance of a specialist, a coach.

Are you still struggling to become an online success?

In this case, isn’t it time you located an established guide?

Just how much more time and expense are you going to waste on innovative tools before you recognize that you’re only making others rich?

You should master established principles and get plugged in to a adviser who can really help you make progress.

Find out about an experienced adviser who genuinely cares about your success.

I discovered him and he helped me. He can help you too.

Discover more

You really want to succeed.

And, you most likely think you’re doing the right things.

Nevertheless, be willing to learn from people who have more experience.

Start here

You’ll certainly be glad you did.

Online marketing can be like a bad dream

Last night I had a dream that I was taken to a concert in some far away place.

After the concert the people who brought me left without taking me.

I was left alone, with nobody to help.

I didn’t know which direction to go to get home.

I was screaming, “Somebody help me!”

An online business can be just like that.

If you’re not already familiar with successful strategies, you can begin to feel lost.

If if nobody will help you, you can feel disoriented and helpless.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Get help from an expert.

Why keep struggling alone, lost in a sea of one-click wonders?

Stop wasting time, energy, and money.

Get the help you need.

Let Brendan Mace help you today.

Keyword Research Tool – Free Keyword Tool

The best keyword research tool is the one you will use to find valuable keyword phrases to use in your blog posts, advertising, and backlinks.

Keyword Research Tools

How do you get free traffic to your website? You optimize your site your pages, and backlinks to your site for popular search terms.

This means you need to find search terms that people actually use when searching for information or products in the search engines. And, this is where keyword research tools are important.

Here are the free and inexpensive tools I use.

Google Search Counsole

The Google Search Counsole is perhaps the most used keyword research tool. Since Google is the “big daddy” of search engines, it’s popular keyword search terms are most important.

Learn How to Use Google Search Console in this YouTube video.

Keyword Research Tool: Keyword Research Ninja

One free keyword tool you can download is Keyword Research Ninja. It will find popular keywords. Use it to find popular keywords used in searches in Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and Ebay.

Keyword Research Ninja Video Tutorial

Some people are charging for this product. But, you can get it at no cost here. Download Keyword Research Ninja

Keyword Research Tool: Keyword Researcher Pro

Keyword Researcher Pro Video Introduction – SEO Software

Get Keyword Researcher Here

When you use Google, you may notice a lot of related phrases popping up as you type.

For example, if I type the phrase “child care,” I can see a handful of keywords displayed in the drop-down box here. If I type a space, and, run through the letters of the alphabet, I get more great keywords.

Further, you can get even more novel suggestions, if you start typing letters at the beginning of your query. You can ask fairly complex questions too. Suppose I want to write a set of articles on “Skin Care.” Then, I can type in: “Is X good for your skin?” As I replace the “X” with various letters, I get a whole new set of phrases. So, what if there was a way to save them all? Well, now there is.

Keyword Research Tool

“Keyword Researcher” is the best “Long Tail Keyword Scraper” on the market. Once you type a phrase into the Search Box, simply put an asterisk at the point where you’d like Google to suggest some related phrases.

From there, “Keyword Researcher” takes over. It replaces your asterisk with each letter of the alphabet. And, saves the response from Google. This allows you to harvest thousands of Long Tail Keywords in minutes! Suppose, for example, you owned a bicycle website. And, let’s say you were trying to gather a list of “bike-related items” that people are searching for. Try this query: “Asterisk for bikes…”

Or, say that you want to target your pages for a certain clientele. Try: “bikes for asterisk…” Or perhaps you want to answer some “how to” questions in your niche.

Try: “How to asterisk bikes…” Or, maybe you’d like to know what premium items your customers are actively searching for. Try: “best bicycle asterisk.” As you can see, there’s an infinite number of search variations to play with!

Generate an Endless List of Keyword Phrases

Allowing you to generate an endless list of keyword phrases! But that’s not all.

Because “Keyword Researcher” comes with a complete array of Keyword-Management and S.E.O. tools. Suppose I have a new client. And they need an S.E.O.-Optimized website for their “Low Carb Diet” video product. So, I head over to the “Google Keyword Planner” and type a few phrases: Now I save the CSV File to my hard drive, and, start a new project in “Keyword Researcher.” Then I’ll just drag my CSV File into the “Import Box.”

Ok… I just filled up my project with lots of keywords. Let’s see what we got… I can right-click on the “Average Monthly Searches” column, and, sort from high to low. Let’s see… The “Dukan Diet” is a competitor of my client’s product. So, let’s put the keyword “Dukan” on the “Negative Keyword List.” So now in the future (when I bring in new keywords) my project will “Black List” the phrases that contain that word “Dukan.”

What Keywords Can You Actually Use?

But now, let’s search for some keywords that we can use on our website. I’ll type “carb” into the filter box. And maybe… add the word “vegetarian.” Let’s see… “low carb vegetarian recipes…” That would make a good article topic. So I’ll make a new category for “Vegetarians,” and create a new Content Article. My new article will encompass all six of these keywords. So I select them all, and drag them into my article. There. The keywords have been associated with my new article and assigned to the “White List.”

I can see the White List if I click the white swatch here… But now… let’s create some “S.E.O.-Optimized Article Content.” So I expand my content panel and set a “Publication Date” and “Meta-Description.” “In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways vegetarian recipe ideas to get you started on your new low-carb diet!”

Ok. Let’s Create Some Content

Now I can look at my “Article Tree” and see which keywords I still need in my content. If the word is colored “black,” that means I didn’t use it in my content yet. So let’s add the word “plan” to my article.

Ok. I want to make sure I include all of this top one here–because it has a lot of searches per month. Green keywords mean that the entire phrase was found in the content. See? Now the phrase is green. If I press the highlighter icon, then, the keyword’s location in the content will highlight. Later, I should probably look around and find some more keywords for this article. But, this is just a demo.

So, let’s repeat our steps, and create four more Content Articles for our website. Ok. You can see my website’s content strategy is starting to take shape. We’ve got five SEO-optimized articles—about topics that reflect what people are actually searching for on the internet. Now… let’s say our website is ready to “Go Live.” I can export my content to a WordPress XML file. And then I can import it directly into my WordPress website. And that’s it! My content is online.

You can download a free version of Keyword Reseacher and upgrade to pro when you see the value is will bring you.

Access This Keyword Research Tool

Get Keyword Researcher Here

Get 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads Every Day

Want to discover how you can add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day? I’ll tell you. And, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

What’s the Cost of Adding 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads to Your List Every Day?

Have you struggled to build a hot email list? How did you attract the leads you already have?

How hard would you have to work and how much would it cost to add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day?

If you used solo ads, you could hope for an opt-in rate of 50%. So, you would need to order 200 clicks and hope for that 50% opt-in rate. Even at 40¢ per click, that’s going to cost you $80 each and every day.

Can you afford that? Probably not. You would need an incredibly effective funnel and email sequence. Otherwise, the costs of building your list would eat you alive.

Automate Your Opportunity Seeker Lead Generation

There are many ways to get your message in front of people to entice them to sign up to your list. Some people use Facebook ads, they use Craigslist, some use safelists or traffic exchanges.

Frankly, these sources are not very automated. You have to spend a lot of time going to each site to enter your advertisement. At least with most safelists, you can use Fast Traffic Bot to automatically earn credits you can then use to mail your offers.

Automated Way to Add 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads

But, there is a more automated way to contact a growing number of opportunity seekers. And, this is with My Lead Gen Secret. This system adds 100 new leads to your list every day. You get 200 leads per day if you are an active affiliate.

You can email these leads once a day with a built-in CAN-SPAM compliant autoresponder.

How Much Does My Lead Gen Secret Cost?

The cost is an initial $30 set-up fee, then $30 a month. That’s about $1 day day for 3000 new opportunity seekers every month. And, what’s great, these subscribers are unique to you.

Compared to $80 a day, $2400 a month using solo ads, this cost of $30 a month is a drop in the bucket.

Nobody else is emailing to them but you. They are not being bombarded by offers from tens or even hundreds of people. This is one reason you experience such phenomenal open rates and click-through rates.

And, this system provides you with a broadcast autoresponder that is CAN-SPAM compliant. You can mail your leads every day if you like. Or you can wait for them to accumulate and email them when it’s convenient.

Most people choose to rotate through several business opportunities in their emails. This provides subscribers with a diversity of opportunities that will appeal to them.

Experience with My Lead Gen Secret

Real people, just like you, have been successful online using this list building source.

  • Curtis Goudy had yet to make his first dime online yet pulled in $400 in 4 days using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Judith Finley was a massive skeptic (she runs her own safelists) but recently starting using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Mike Everett bought My Lead Gen Secret and within 24 hours he’d made sales and landed in the Top 10 of an affiliate contest.
  • Julia Short and Larry Flora used My Lead Gen Secret and banked a cool $753.32 in less than 72 hours.
  • Carol invested in My Lead Gen Secret and paid for his signup fee on her very first day.

After using the system for a couple of weeks I found it to be quite effective. The open rates for my emails (heavily dependent on the subject line) ranged from a low of 5.86% to a high of 19.67%. These are pretty high rates of subscribers actually reading your emails. Click through rates for those who opened the emails ranged from 8.37% to 17.07%. Again, very good rates of readers clicking to your offers.

Imagine the effect of sending emails to thousands of subscribers, with more being added every day.

my lead gen secret

Isn’t it time you tried My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret Real User Review

Hi. I was compelled to do a little follow-up video for you guys, I believe it was on the 8th. I posted it on the 8th and I wanted to give you my results from My Lead Gen secret.

Results of Sending to 500 Opportunity Seeker Leads

I’d sent out 500 leads, okay, sent 500 leads on 3/7/2019. This is gives you evidence, because you know, people tell you anything. This is a real proof.

Now I thought. OK, they send you the stats and that’s it. So you know, the stats were pretty good. To know they’ve been updated. I can’t believe this! Wait till you see this, guy’s! You’re going to freak out.

I cannot believe this. OK. so I sent to 500 leads on 3/7/2019. Lookie here. 242 were opened. 75 were clicked. It’s got an open rate of 48 percent and 31 percent click-through.

Amazing Results From Opportunity Seeker Leads

I was blown away. Can you believe this? Almost half of them were opened. 75 clicked, for a click-through rate of 31%. My Lead Gen Secret is unbelievable. And I want to tell you something. I can teach you all how to do this from your phone. I’m doing everything from my phone. No laptop, no computer. Phone, phone, phone. Again the 500 leads, 242 opened, 75 clicked, 48 percent open rate, and a 31 percent click-through rate.

I’m so jacked up I don’t know what to do. You guys have got to check this out. It’s really not to be believed. I love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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What is a Sales Funnel? Creating a Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a series of steps you take someone through so they can continue to buy from you.

We are all experienced with sales funnels. Practically every time we go to the store to make a purchased you are offered additional options you can add to our purchase. Buy an electronic item and you are offered a extended service plan. Buy a car and you are offered an extended warranty plan. Buy a hamburger and you are offered fries and a Coke.

Buying online is no different. We make a purchase. then you are offered various upgrades. These upsells and downsells are part of the selling process. For example, here is a description of the sales funnel for a popular marketing product.

What is a sales funnel?
What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnels also occur in autoresponder email sequences. Once you subscribe to a list, you begin receiving a sequence of prepared emails. While many of these emails can present helpful tips, even free products. Many emails will promote products you can purchase.

Sales funnels keep the sales process going as long as possible. This maximizes the profit you can make from each person who subscribes to your email list.

If you do not have a sales funnel associated with products you sell or with an email list, you are not going to be competitive in today’s online marketplace. Other people will be able to afford to put more time, energy, and advertising money into attracting customers.

What is a Sales Funnel? And How To Create One that Actually Makes Money

So, you want to make money online, but where do you start? What is a sales funnel? How do you market it to the right audience? Look no further because ClickFunnels creator, Russell Brunson, will teach you!

Hey! this Russell again, and today, I’m excited, because today but I not just talking about Clickfunnels, which is one of the coolest things in the world. But for you to really utilize Clickfunnels and really have success from it, I think it’s vitally important that you not only get good at using the software and using the tool, we actually become a marketer.

Clickfunnels is built by marketers like me, for marketers who market their products and their services. And sometimes people come in and they have a product, have a service, they want to sell. They throw in into Clickfunnels. they build a funnel and then right nobody’s buying it. Nobody’s coming to my thing. No one’s giving me that email/ I just, like, why not?

It’s because it’s not just something you put up there and hope that the best happens. It’s something we have to understand the marketing behind it. And so what I want to do during this walkthrough is to help you out, understand some of the core fundamental concepts of marketing that are essential for your success inside of funnels. To kind of step back because I know that a lot of people, they first get in Clickfunnels, they don’t even know what a funnel is.

Most people obviously have heard of a website, right? When I got started in this business 15 years ago websites were the thing. And it was funny because I remember back then everybody would come and they would say, “My god, you think I need a website?” Everyone’s talking about website. Should I get one?

And now we kind of laugh out loud. I could stay, you know, like there’s no business I don’t think that doesn’t have a website. You have to have a website to exist. And that’s kind of where funnels are today. Funnels are the future. Like they are the evolution of websites. That’s where everything is going.

Do I Need a Sales Funnel?

People always ask me, like, well do I need a funnel for my business? And I was kind of chuckle because they don’t understand the strategy. When they do, it’s like, “Oh wow!” Like there’s no point to a website. Like the only thing I need is a funnel. The first core concept you have to understand.

I learned initially from one of my very first marketing mentors named Dan Kennedy. And he said this, “Whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins.” And I remember hearing that and just didn’t really resonate with me. But bear with me. As I share this story with you it’s gonna make, it’s gonna even find out like this is the key, most important thing to understand in business, in marketing, in funnels.

Potato Gun Plans Without a Sales Funnel

Let me tell you my story. So when I got started in this business back 15 years ago, I was in high school. And I’d built my very first website selling potato guns. Now I had created an information product. I set up a website. I’d done my best and back then the way that everybody got traffic to the web sites was by using a website called Google.

So I went to Google. I started buying my very first Google Ads. Now as a college student I don’t have a ton of money. So I was able to invest about ten dollars a day into Google ads. And the good thing for me is I was selling this for $37.00. And what happened is on average for every ten dollars I’d spend, I’d sell about one DVD. So you do the math on that I was spending ten dollars making thirty seven dollars. I had $27 profit that was putting inside of my pocket.

Without a Sales Funnel You Cannot Compete

Now what happened is a little while later Google shifted their algorithm and kind of changed how how things work. And the price for every single click started going up. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. Now what happens is one day I woke up and the ads that I was running were the exactly the same. I’m getting the same amount of clicks, the amount of people to my website. But now, instead of spending $10 a day, to do the same amount of traffic I was spending $50 a day. Now if you do the math on that, you spent $50 a day you make $37 day. I was losing 13 dollars every single day because of my website.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really quickly, my wife and I realize we couldn’t keep doing that and stay in business. So after four or five days I had to turn off my website and it was over for me. And unfortunately for me and for so many entrepreneurs, that’s for most entrepreneurial dreams die is in your spending money you can’t be profitable. And it just falls apart.

How do Sales Funnels Work?

A few months later I had a friend who was in a similar business to me and he called me up and said, “Hey, Russell. I think I figured out the secret.” He said, “I started adding upsells to all of my products.” And I was like, what do you mean upselling?

He said, “Well, it’s kinda like McDonald’s. You’ve been a McDonald’s. You know when they offer you a hamburger,” and I said yeah. I said you know that for them to sell that hammer could actually lose money. The money for the ads and the promotion the marketing and actually lose money. So a hamburger might be 2 or 3 bucks, and it costs them four or five dollars to get you there, and then drive in. He said then they added this little sentence on there, and said, “Hey, would you like fries and a Coke with that?” And the majority people say, “Oh yeah, sure. Throw that in there.” And they did that. The fries and the Coke is where they make their money.

So I spend, you know, three or four dollars to get someone there. They sell a hamburger for two dollars. They lose. Then they add fries and a Coke and all sudden boom they’re profitable. And so he showed me his website. He had similar websites to me selling little information products. And he said, look what I did is I started having upsells.

Can I sell the next thing to someone who need it they bought my first product. And I said well how that worked for my potato guns I don’t know. He said well when somebody buys a potato gun DVD what’s the next thing that they need? And I was like, well you know, the next thing that stood by, the pipes and the glue, and the barbecue igniter, and all those pieces that you have to go to the store to get.

Do Sales Funnels Work?

He said, “You should make a kit and just upsell the kit.” And so I was lucky. I found someone up in northern Idaho who actually sold gun kits. And we did a partnership. And I started adding those as upsells.

And so I transitioned my my little website into my very first funnel. I didn’t know that’s what it was called at a time. It was a funnel, so somebody would buy my DVD, and then the next page would upsell them a potato gun kit. Now if you look at the math on how this all worked, I was still spending $50 a day on Google. That didn’t change. They didn’t lower their prices for me. They were still charging the same amount. And I was still averaging about one sell a day of my DVDs. So I was only making thirty seven dollars. So I was actually losing money.

But then what was cool is that one out of every three people who bought my DVD ended up buying my upsell, and buying my kit. You look kind of math on that kit, it was $197. That means one out of three means I made extra $65 for every DVD I sold. That means I spent $50 a day and I was making 102 dollars a day. So we do the math on that, I was actually making 52 dollars every single day.

Learn How to Build Sales Funnels

Now, that is when the whole light bulb went off my head. I was like, that, that’s the secret. Like if I can spend more money to acquire a customer, then I win. And that’s when I realized websites made me broke, but funnels actually made me money.

Now as I started my career after I did that, I started getting excited. I started realizing like, wow, there’s so many ways to do funnels. And I can put funnels into any business. And I started doing that. I started going into really competitive markets where there’s tons of competition. And I would look, and I would see these people. All I had was a website selling a product I would take that concept and I would go.

Matt started adding upsells, and down cells, and adding different things in there. And I start competing against these people and was crazy as they could spend, you know, however many dollars a day they could spend. But I could spend two or three times as much money and still make more money. And very quickly I start beating out all my competitors. And every market we went into.

Why Sales Funnels

If you’re a business and your break even or you’re losing some money, a funnel is the secret. That’s what gets you from breaking even to becoming profitable. If you’re doing well, but you want to grow, a funnel is the secret. It’s how you start taking your business and scaling it. You make more money for every single person who comes into your into your funnel.

OK. The funnels are the secret to growing businesses and getting your message, your products, your services, out into the world. Now obviously, there are lots of different types of funnels as you learned in the earlier walk through. Inside the cookbook we had 22 different types. And so, some of the funnels are specifically for selling the product.

OK, like my potato gun DVD where I sold the DVD then I have sold a potato gun kit, some some funnels aren’t for that. Some funnels are for generating leads, then you send emails to them and sell them things in the future. Some generate applications. You can calm on the phone, Some funnels to get people into your actual location. Now, there’s different funnels for different situations.

I think a lot of people think the funnels are this mysterious thing. Yet it’s happening every single day. Right now in fact. If you run an offline business, I promise you, you already have a funnel. It may be a really really bad one, but you have one. Think about it’s, let’s say, you’re a chiropractor, or a dentist, or something, right, somebody sees an ad. They drive by to see your billboard, and see your place. They get a referral. Something, right. And they come to your location. And walk up to your door.

How to Use Sales Funnels

What’s the first thing they do? They open the door, right. And they walk in. Now, something’s happening – they’re coming into this funnel. Now they’re greeted by somebody, could be your front desk receptionist, or whoever, right, and they’re saying something. They’re trying to get them to schedule an appointment, or set up a call, or whatever the thing might be. And then after that happens, and they take them to the next step, and the next step. And every business has it. There’s some kind of funnel. .

So then, a process, you’re taking people through all the time. And the online funnels are the same thing. People think is something different. But it’s not. It’s if I’m driving out from Facebook, they’re gonna come somewhere, to a page, and maybe I page I try ask for their email address. Or maybe I’m selling them a product, or I’m taking them down this path just like I would if I was selling somebody face to face. So cool. Think about funnels. It’s not something new or different. They’re not used to. It’s the same thing you’re used to. It’s just in an online format.

What is a Sales Funnel?

But I wanted you to understand that’s what a funnel is. I want you understand the one cold, core concept. So whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. That’s how you grow a company. That’s how you beat your competitors.

Let’s say some more products, and say your ads more out there. That’s how, like, all the things that you want in business all come off of that concept. And the way you’re able to spend more money profitably is by having a funnel. Think about your existing business. Think about the business in right now. Let’s say you do have a regular website. How do you take this thing with all these things? How do you restructure them into an actual funnel. And you start thinking about those things to get you excited about funnels. So with that said, thanks so much and I’ll see you guys on the next training.


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