How to Sell More Affiliate Products Than Everyone Else

I don’t care what you’re selling, if you’re an affiliate then you have a whole boatload of competition. There may be dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates all selling the exact same thing as you.

And you know what?

If you just run around the internet slapping banner ads up hither and yon, you’re not going to sell much of anything. Your ads will get lost in the noise. You’ll get beat out by any number of other affiliates who’ll outsell you any day of the week.

But hold on a second

Being beaten by the competition is for mediocre affiliates, and you’re anything but mediocre. Once you know the same secrets as the super affiliates, then you too can outsell the competition. So let’s start right now with these three tips and tricks for turning you into a top affiliate…

#1: Engage Your Audience

Take a look at what the top affiliates are doing, and you’ll see that their focus isn’t on driving cold traffic to the vendor’s sale page. Instead, super affiliates drive traffic to their own lead pages, build a list, engage this audience, and then drive these warm leads to their affiliate links.

A lot of aspiring affiliates see this process and try to mimic it. They set up lead pages. They give away enticing lead magnets to build their list. They send out gobs of emails to their list. They promote offers like crazy.

And what happens?


Not a darn thing, because the list is about as responsive (and profitable) as a dead weed.

So what went wrong?

In most cases the problem boils down to this: the affiliate never built a relationship with the list. They never engaged the audience.

You see, just because someone joined your list doesn’t mean they’re now your best friend and they’re going to open and read every email you send. The only person who’ll do that is your mother. For everyone else, you need to gain their trust.

So what you need to do is send out a good “edutaining” content in every email. This is content that educates while being entertaining. Because at the end of the day, your prospects want solutions to their problems, but they don’t want to be bored out of their minds reading a lecture from you.

Here are a few more tips for engaging your audience:

  • Give them what they want. Do your market research to find out what your subscribers want, and then give it to them. Test, test and test some more to see what they respond to the best, and give them more of what they want (and less of what they don’t want).
  • Share your best stuff for free. When your subscribers see what sort of amazing secrets you’re sharing for free, trust will grow by leaps and bounds, which in turn creates sales. Plus you’ll trip the reciprocity trigger, which makes your subscribers feel obligated and downright compelled to buy what you’re selling.
  • Email them often. You can’t build a relationship and engage people out in the brick and mortar world by talking to someone every once in a blue moon. Same goes for your subscribers. If you want to build a good relationship, then your edutaining emails need to land in front of them at least once a week.
  • Recommend good stuff. If you wouldn’t recommend it to your mother or your best friend, then don’t recommend it to your list.

Next tip…

#2: Presell the Offer

Tossing a link in front of your audience with very little comment is one of the quickest ways to the affiliate poorhouse. Your readers are bombarded by ads and banners and links – they sure don’t need you to shove another one in their face.

You see, part of your job as an affiliate is to sort through all the different products in your niche, review them, and recommend only the best products to your readers.

THAT’S what your readers want. They want to hear about the benefits of the product. They want to hear what you think of the product. They want to know why they should buy it.

Let me share with you a little secret…

Your readers want to be led. They don’t really want to sort through all the information themselves to decide if the product is right for them. They want you to tell them.

So what do you need to do?

Pretty simple, really: you need to presell the offer. That means that you send out multiple emails that cover all the benefits of the product and handle your prospects’ most likely objections. You warm the audience up to the offer. They’ll have their credit card out and their mouse ready to click the “order” button even before the sales page loads.

And finally, here’s another way to outsell your competition…

#3: Add Value to the Offer

You’re up against a lot of competition, and everyone is pushing the exact same offer. So here’s what you can do to sell more than everyone else: add value to the offer.

What this means is that you create a product or service and offer it as a bonus to those who purchase the affiliate product through your link. If you offer something desirable, valuable, and tightly related to the original offer, you’re sure to get plenty of people clamoring to buy through your link.

For example, if you’re promoting software, then you might create a video that shows customers how to install the software, customize it, and use it for maximum benefit.

Another example: let’s suppose you’re selling a copywriting book. You might put together a huge swipe file and headline templates and then offer this as a bonus to anyone who buys through your link.

One more example: let’s suppose you’re selling a set of bodybuilding videos that cover everything from lifts to nutrition. You might offer meal-planning software to help customers go through their bulking and cutting cycles.

Bottom line is that if your bonus product enhances the use or enjoyment of the main product, then there’s a good chance it will boost conversions and put more money in your pocket.


These three tips are how to sell more affiliate products than everyone else.

These tips aren’t something you use in isolation. Instead, you need to use them together for maximum effect. That’s because adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot if you’re putting this offer in front of an unresponsive audience. Preselling an offer to a dead list also doesn’t work. And truth is, adding value to an offer doesn’t do a whole lot either if you’re not also preselling the offer. So the point is, use these tactics together for maximum benefit.

These are just three simple steps you can take to really boost your conversion rate – and there are plenty more where these came from. To discover the tips and tricks the top affiliates use to build and run their own affiliate businesses, check this out the Affiliate Profits Club.

You won’t find a better way to learn the truth about affiliate marketing, so check it out now – and hurry, because this offer won’t last long.

Three Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

Do you know the three secrets of choosing an awesomely profitable affiliate offer? If not, learn them here and get a free membership in the Affiliate Profit Club below.

Here’s one thing the super affiliates do differently than everyone else: they know how to pick a good product to sell. You see, choosing the wrong affiliate offer can ruin your entire business by destroying your reputation. Do you think your subscribers will still trust you if you recommend a shoddy product or a scamming vendor? Not a chance. That’s why you’ll want to protect your reputation and your business by only promoting high-quality products put out by reputable vendors. Here’s how to do it…

Review the Product

It doesn’t matter if every other affiliate in the niche is raving about the product. It doesn’t matter if you have to buy the product yourself (hey, it’s tax deductible in most places). It doesn’t matter if the sales page is as slick as a whistle and the commissions are eye-popping… Simply put, don’t recommend it if you haven’t first reviewed and used the product. See, here’s the thing… All those other affiliates raving about the product may not have used the product either. They’re all just looking for something profitable to promote. So if you simply follow the herd, they may just lead you off a cliff. Imagine if the product actually turns out to be complete junk. What do you think that will do to your reputation if you recommend the product to your readers? That’s right, they may never trust you again if you hype up a pile of junk. It’s not worth it to promote a big-commission product if it turns out to be junk. You may get a pile of cash today, but you’ll be hard pressed to ever sell anything to your list again. So the only products you should be recommending are those you’d recommend to your mother or your best friend. Next up…

Check Out the Sales Page

The large majority of product vendors want to do everything they can to make sure their affiliates are happy. But then there is this minority of vendors who’re sneaky as hell. These guys are so shady they’d steal commissions from their own mother. And that’s why you need to watch your back. After all, if they’d steal from you, just imagine how they’ll treat your customers. So what you want to do is check out the sales page and order form. Go through every link. Go through the entire process. Watch for these things:

  • Unnecessary sales page leaks, such as links leading off the page. In particular, look for ads to other products.
  • Alternative payment methods on the order form that don’t give you affiliate credit. This could be another payment processor, or even a number for telephone orders.
  • Hijacked commissions. The most nefarious vendors will actually overwrite your affiliate link with their own. Go through the ordering process to ensure you get credit for sales.

In short, look for anything that could stifle sales or hijack your commissions. Finally…

Research the Vendor

The product looks great, the sales page looks good. Time to promote? Not quite. Now you need to research the vendor to be sure he’s not going to treat your customers (or you) poorly. So drop his name into your favorite search engine and do some research. Look for a pattern of complaints such as:

  • Slow or otherwise poor customer service.
  • Not honoring a guarantee/refund policy.
  • Doesn’t pay business partners (or pays them slowly).

Just look for anything that might suggest your vendor may try to rip off you or your customers – and if you see even one tiny red flag, move on.

Bottom Line

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products. Now this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month. Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profit Club. Check it out now to get in on a very special offer – you’ll be glad you did.

What is a Sales Funnel? Creating a Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a series of steps you take someone through so they can continue to buy from you.

We are all experienced with sales funnels. Practically every time we go to the store to make a purchased you are offered additional options you can add to our purchase. Buy an electronic item and you are offered a extended service plan. Buy a car and you are offered an extended warranty plan. Buy a hamburger and you are offered fries and a Coke.

Buying online is no different. We make a purchase. then you are offered various upgrades. These upsells and downsells are part of the selling process. For example, here is a description of the sales funnel for a popular marketing product.

What is a sales funnel?
What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnels also occur in autoresponder email sequences. Once you subscribe to a list, you begin receiving a sequence of prepared emails. While many of these emails can present helpful tips, even free products. Many emails will promote products you can purchase.

Sales funnels keep the sales process going as long as possible. This maximizes the profit you can make from each person who subscribes to your email list.

If you do not have a sales funnel associated with products you sell or with an email list, you are not going to be competitive in today’s online marketplace. Other people will be able to afford to put more time, energy, and advertising money into attracting customers.

What is a Sales Funnel? And How To Create One that Actually Makes Money

So, you want to make money online, but where do you start? What is a sales funnel? How do you market it to the right audience? Look no further because ClickFunnels creator, Russell Brunson, will teach you!

Hey! this Russell again, and today, I’m excited, because today but I not just talking about Clickfunnels, which is one of the coolest things in the world. But for you to really utilize Clickfunnels and really have success from it, I think it’s vitally important that you not only get good at using the software and using the tool, we actually become a marketer.

Clickfunnels is built by marketers like me, for marketers who market their products and their services. And sometimes people come in and they have a product, have a service, they want to sell. They throw in into Clickfunnels. they build a funnel and then right nobody’s buying it. Nobody’s coming to my thing. No one’s giving me that email/ I just, like, why not?

It’s because it’s not just something you put up there and hope that the best happens. It’s something we have to understand the marketing behind it. And so what I want to do during this walkthrough is to help you out, understand some of the core fundamental concepts of marketing that are essential for your success inside of funnels. To kind of step back because I know that a lot of people, they first get in Clickfunnels, they don’t even know what a funnel is.

Most people obviously have heard of a website, right? When I got started in this business 15 years ago websites were the thing. And it was funny because I remember back then everybody would come and they would say, “My god, you think I need a website?” Everyone’s talking about website. Should I get one?

And now we kind of laugh out loud. I could stay, you know, like there’s no business I don’t think that doesn’t have a website. You have to have a website to exist. And that’s kind of where funnels are today. Funnels are the future. Like they are the evolution of websites. That’s where everything is going.

Do I Need a Sales Funnel?

People always ask me, like, well do I need a funnel for my business? And I was kind of chuckle because they don’t understand the strategy. When they do, it’s like, “Oh wow!” Like there’s no point to a website. Like the only thing I need is a funnel. The first core concept you have to understand.

I learned initially from one of my very first marketing mentors named Dan Kennedy. And he said this, “Whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins.” And I remember hearing that and just didn’t really resonate with me. But bear with me. As I share this story with you it’s gonna make, it’s gonna even find out like this is the key, most important thing to understand in business, in marketing, in funnels.

Potato Gun Plans Without a Sales Funnel

Let me tell you my story. So when I got started in this business back 15 years ago, I was in high school. And I’d built my very first website selling potato guns. Now I had created an information product. I set up a website. I’d done my best and back then the way that everybody got traffic to the web sites was by using a website called Google.

So I went to Google. I started buying my very first Google Ads. Now as a college student I don’t have a ton of money. So I was able to invest about ten dollars a day into Google ads. And the good thing for me is I was selling this for $37.00. And what happened is on average for every ten dollars I’d spend, I’d sell about one DVD. So you do the math on that I was spending ten dollars making thirty seven dollars. I had $27 profit that was putting inside of my pocket.

Without a Sales Funnel You Cannot Compete

Now what happened is a little while later Google shifted their algorithm and kind of changed how how things work. And the price for every single click started going up. It got bigger and bigger and bigger. Now what happens is one day I woke up and the ads that I was running were the exactly the same. I’m getting the same amount of clicks, the amount of people to my website. But now, instead of spending $10 a day, to do the same amount of traffic I was spending $50 a day. Now if you do the math on that, you spent $50 a day you make $37 day. I was losing 13 dollars every single day because of my website.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I really quickly, my wife and I realize we couldn’t keep doing that and stay in business. So after four or five days I had to turn off my website and it was over for me. And unfortunately for me and for so many entrepreneurs, that’s for most entrepreneurial dreams die is in your spending money you can’t be profitable. And it just falls apart.

How do Sales Funnels Work?

A few months later I had a friend who was in a similar business to me and he called me up and said, “Hey, Russell. I think I figured out the secret.” He said, “I started adding upsells to all of my products.” And I was like, what do you mean upselling?

He said, “Well, it’s kinda like McDonald’s. You’ve been a McDonald’s. You know when they offer you a hamburger,” and I said yeah. I said you know that for them to sell that hammer could actually lose money. The money for the ads and the promotion the marketing and actually lose money. So a hamburger might be 2 or 3 bucks, and it costs them four or five dollars to get you there, and then drive in. He said then they added this little sentence on there, and said, “Hey, would you like fries and a Coke with that?” And the majority people say, “Oh yeah, sure. Throw that in there.” And they did that. The fries and the Coke is where they make their money.

So I spend, you know, three or four dollars to get someone there. They sell a hamburger for two dollars. They lose. Then they add fries and a Coke and all sudden boom they’re profitable. And so he showed me his website. He had similar websites to me selling little information products. And he said, look what I did is I started having upsells.

Can I sell the next thing to someone who need it they bought my first product. And I said well how that worked for my potato guns I don’t know. He said well when somebody buys a potato gun DVD what’s the next thing that they need? And I was like, well you know, the next thing that stood by, the pipes and the glue, and the barbecue igniter, and all those pieces that you have to go to the store to get.

Do Sales Funnels Work?

He said, “You should make a kit and just upsell the kit.” And so I was lucky. I found someone up in northern Idaho who actually sold gun kits. And we did a partnership. And I started adding those as upsells.

And so I transitioned my my little website into my very first funnel. I didn’t know that’s what it was called at a time. It was a funnel, so somebody would buy my DVD, and then the next page would upsell them a potato gun kit. Now if you look at the math on how this all worked, I was still spending $50 a day on Google. That didn’t change. They didn’t lower their prices for me. They were still charging the same amount. And I was still averaging about one sell a day of my DVDs. So I was only making thirty seven dollars. So I was actually losing money.

But then what was cool is that one out of every three people who bought my DVD ended up buying my upsell, and buying my kit. You look kind of math on that kit, it was $197. That means one out of three means I made extra $65 for every DVD I sold. That means I spent $50 a day and I was making 102 dollars a day. So we do the math on that, I was actually making 52 dollars every single day.

Learn How to Build Sales Funnels

Now, that is when the whole light bulb went off my head. I was like, that, that’s the secret. Like if I can spend more money to acquire a customer, then I win. And that’s when I realized websites made me broke, but funnels actually made me money.

Now as I started my career after I did that, I started getting excited. I started realizing like, wow, there’s so many ways to do funnels. And I can put funnels into any business. And I started doing that. I started going into really competitive markets where there’s tons of competition. And I would look, and I would see these people. All I had was a website selling a product I would take that concept and I would go.

Matt started adding upsells, and down cells, and adding different things in there. And I start competing against these people and was crazy as they could spend, you know, however many dollars a day they could spend. But I could spend two or three times as much money and still make more money. And very quickly I start beating out all my competitors. And every market we went into.

Why Sales Funnels

If you’re a business and your break even or you’re losing some money, a funnel is the secret. That’s what gets you from breaking even to becoming profitable. If you’re doing well, but you want to grow, a funnel is the secret. It’s how you start taking your business and scaling it. You make more money for every single person who comes into your into your funnel.

OK. The funnels are the secret to growing businesses and getting your message, your products, your services, out into the world. Now obviously, there are lots of different types of funnels as you learned in the earlier walk through. Inside the cookbook we had 22 different types. And so, some of the funnels are specifically for selling the product.

OK, like my potato gun DVD where I sold the DVD then I have sold a potato gun kit, some some funnels aren’t for that. Some funnels are for generating leads, then you send emails to them and sell them things in the future. Some generate applications. You can calm on the phone, Some funnels to get people into your actual location. Now, there’s different funnels for different situations.

I think a lot of people think the funnels are this mysterious thing. Yet it’s happening every single day. Right now in fact. If you run an offline business, I promise you, you already have a funnel. It may be a really really bad one, but you have one. Think about it’s, let’s say, you’re a chiropractor, or a dentist, or something, right, somebody sees an ad. They drive by to see your billboard, and see your place. They get a referral. Something, right. And they come to your location. And walk up to your door.

How to Use Sales Funnels

What’s the first thing they do? They open the door, right. And they walk in. Now, something’s happening – they’re coming into this funnel. Now they’re greeted by somebody, could be your front desk receptionist, or whoever, right, and they’re saying something. They’re trying to get them to schedule an appointment, or set up a call, or whatever the thing might be. And then after that happens, and they take them to the next step, and the next step. And every business has it. There’s some kind of funnel. .

So then, a process, you’re taking people through all the time. And the online funnels are the same thing. People think is something different. But it’s not. It’s if I’m driving out from Facebook, they’re gonna come somewhere, to a page, and maybe I page I try ask for their email address. Or maybe I’m selling them a product, or I’m taking them down this path just like I would if I was selling somebody face to face. So cool. Think about funnels. It’s not something new or different. They’re not used to. It’s the same thing you’re used to. It’s just in an online format.

What is a Sales Funnel?

But I wanted you to understand that’s what a funnel is. I want you understand the one cold, core concept. So whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. That’s how you grow a company. That’s how you beat your competitors.

Let’s say some more products, and say your ads more out there. That’s how, like, all the things that you want in business all come off of that concept. And the way you’re able to spend more money profitably is by having a funnel. Think about your existing business. Think about the business in right now. Let’s say you do have a regular website. How do you take this thing with all these things? How do you restructure them into an actual funnel. And you start thinking about those things to get you excited about funnels. So with that said, thanks so much and I’ll see you guys on the next training.


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🤷‍♂️What Are Solo Ads? Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

What are Solo Ads and what are the best places to buy solo ads? A solo ad is sent out by an email list owner to subscribers. Subscribers click a link in the ad to visit a web page of your choice.

Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks

You usually buy solo ad clicks in units of 100. So, you may purchase 100 clicks, 200 clicks, or 300 clicks, etc. The people who click to your page are “leads” or prospects that will read your offer. Typically list owners charge from 35¢ to $1 per click. Very high quality clicks may cost $2 per click or more.

When you compare the cost of clicks from solo ads to sources such as Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads, or other pay per click (PPC) sources you can see a definite price advantage. For example, most clicks in AdWords for “make money online” related keywords hover between $1.80 and $2.30. So, solo ads are a bargain.

Send Click to Your Opt-In Page

Most savvy marketers will buy solo ads to build their own email lists. So, they will send solo ad clicks to their squeeze page or opt-in page. This page usually contains a headline that promises a benefit, some bullet points of addition benefits, and an opt-in form. Some pages also offer a freebie that can be downloaded after subscribing.

After a visitor submits their contact details to subscribe, they are typically sent to a product sales page. There is where the solo ad buyer makes upfront money.

The idea here is to first capture the lead to build your list. Then send the lead to a sales page. It the lead buys the product you have made some money. If the sales page is very good and a fit to what your lead wants, you may make more money than the solo ad cost you.

In any case, you will gain more subscribers. And, your autoresponder followup sequence will provide you with many more opportunities to sell them a product. The common wisdom for an email list tells us that each subscriber is worth $1 per month in income.

Ads for the Internet Marketing Niche

Most solo ad sellers have lists of business opportunity seekers. Subscribers are looking for way to make money online, they want to work from home, or they are interested in cryptocurrency systems.

You need targeted traffic to have a good response to your opt-in page. If your area of interest is different, you should be sure solo ad sellers have a specific list of people interested in your niche.

How Much Tier 1 Traffic?

Solo ads bring you traffic or clicks from subscribers to a list. But, who is on that list? This is an important question.

If you are buying solo ad clicks, you want people with credit cards and available money to see your targeted web page. And, for English language sites, you want people who speak English to see your web page.

We call the Unite States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand Tier 1 countries. Clicks from these countries are Tier 1 clicks.

Most solo ad sellers will tell you what percentage of their subscribers are from Tier 1 countries. They may states that they deliver, say, 90% Tier 1 clicks. Some sellers will claim different percentages of Tier 1 clicks.

You can usually pay a little more for 100% Tier 1 clicks if you want.

What Are Solo Ads? Buyer Traffic or Non-Responsive Traffic

Again, we can ask, “Who is on the list?” Are subscribers proven buyers of products than have been promoted to them? Are they just “lookers” who have not bought any products? And, how old is the list?

Obviously, it would be best to have proven buyers look at your offers. Proven buyers are more likely to buy other products. While those who have never bought products are less likely to respond to your offers.

Some list owners keep their lists up-to-date by periodically purging non-responsive subscribers. Such a list is higher quality than a list with a lot of non-responsive subscribers.

Measure Results

You will notice differences in results from clicks from different solo ad sellers. There are some statistics you should record from each solo ad source.

  • Opt-In Rate: This is the percentage of people who click to your opt-in page who subscribe to your list.
  • Cost per Click (CPC): This is how much you paid per unique click.
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC): This is how much you make from your offer divided by the number of clicks. You should direct people who subscribe to an offer to get some immediate compensation.
  • Over Delivery: Most solo ad providers will deliver more clicks to your web page than you purchased. Many solo ad providers promise an over delivery rate like 10%.

Tracking these statistics for each solo ad you purchase can help you know which vendors to use again and which to avoid.

Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

There are a number of places to find solo ad sellers.

  • A number of solo ad sellers can be found on sites like Udimi.
  • Some sites like Solo Ad Blasts offer solo ads for many different niches.
  • And, there are individual selling solo ads who are listed in places like the Warrior Forum.

In addition, you can find results and evaluations of solo ad sellers on Facebook in groups with the title “Solo Ad Testimonials”.

There are, of course, alternatives to solo ads. One alternative is promoting your offer to various Facebook groups. You can get a Facebook group blast and get 5000 targeted visitors to your site at minimal cost. Another alternative is which uses clicks to expired domains. There is also Niche Online Traffic that provides targeted traffic at a good price.

And then there is using bulk email. You can send emails to 2.3 million people each day. You can send a targeted email to prospects interested in your niche.

Solo Ads – The Truth

What’s going on guys? Vinny here. We’re gonna talk about solo abs- the truth.

Okay. So there’s a couple questions that we want to answer about solo ads. What are solo ads; expectation of solo ads; and how to get started with solo ads.

What Are Solo Ads?

So what are solo ads? Solo ads are a form of email advertising. There’s people out there who have huge email list, okay. Some have a list as small as five thousand; some have lists as far as 500,000, okay. So what you do, you pay to advertise to their email list. You buy clicks.

Now there’s different clicks you can buy. You can buy 50, 100, 200, 300, all the way up to a thousand clicks or more. And they charge you for those clicks.

Ways to Build Your List

Now, a lot of people when they buy a solo expect to get sales. And that is the wrong attitude. The whole purpose of solo ads is to build your email list. Just the whole purpose of solo ads. There’s no other purpose of solo ads. Your whole purpose is to build your email list.

When you advertise to people through solo ads sometimes, yes, you will get sales. Don’t get me wrong. But the whole purpose is to build your email list. Because you need to build know, trust, relationship. This is the only way you’re gonna get sales guys is to build that, know, like, trust. People don’t know who you are. They need to like you. And they need to trust you in order to spend their hard-earned money with you.

Now, depends on what you’re selling as regards as how many sales you’re gonna get. A lot of the times people are looking for products such as health and fitness products that they’re they will buy immediately. But when it comes to business opportunity, if they’re not actively searching for one, and they don’t really, not really, looking, it’s gonna take time and a couple of exposures for them to spend money with you because they need to know if you’re, they know you, need to like you, and need to trust you.

Brand Yourself

That’s why it’s important to brand yourself when you are building your landing page. What I mean by branding yourself in your bridge page, people need to see a photo of your face or they need to see a video of you because video is the best way to build that trust with people. So if you’re not on video, please get on video or make sure you have a picture up in your bridge page. Guys, okay, because people need to build that trust.

So that is the whole expectation of solo ads. It’s not to get sales immediately. But think of it as building your email list, okay. And this will lower your expectation of solo ads, okay. And this will be better for you in the long run.

You want to build your email list, okay. I’m gonna keep saying that because I want you guys to understand that a lot of people don’t understand. I have people who join my team before, and you know, I tell them tell everyone that you should buy solo ads if you are looking to accelerate your business. And what I mean by that is, to build your email list a lot faster than doing free traffic, okay.

What Are Solo Ads? Sales are Secondary

Now nine times out of 10 guys you’re not going to get sales when you run solo ads. Sometimes you do get sales; sometimes you get on the streak, and you may get to three sales of people who will buy your opportunity. Especially if it’s a low price point. People, there’s impulsive buyers out there, okay. But the purpose of the solo ad is to build your email list; to market to your email list, okay. To give them value and to direct them back to the sales page. Give them value, direct them back to the sales page. Give them value, okay, and this will build that know, like, trust.

So when you do a solo ad run right, and let’s say you buy a hundred clicks, okay, and let’s say you got 49 opt-ins, I mean do you have 49 people added to your email list, okay. So what you want to do is send them a series of emails through your autoresponder. Now we’re gonna put V for value, V for value, and then another offer, okay. For sales, okay.

So that’s what you want to do. You want to have an email follow-up giving them value. Maybe they’re struggling with getting traffic in their business. Or maybe they’re struggling. You don’t have a consistent way of following up with people. They need an autoresponder. You may help them to get an autoresponder, or build a sales page, or a sales funnel. And then you want to direct them to the sales page. Guys, value, value, sale. And you do this until they either, they buy or they unsubscribe from your email list. But this is the whole purpose of a solo ad.

All right. So I hope you guys understand that. Because when I first got started I thought I was supposed to get sales from my solo ads. And that’s not the case.

Get Started With Solo Ads

So how do you get started with solo ad advertising? Now there’s different companies out there. The one I use is Udimi. Reason why I used Udimi, I’ve very good results. They have built trust with them. And I have got a substantial email list using Udimi. I like Udimi traffic. Now, there’s other ones out there I really can’t speak on because I don’t use them. But for sure, I do use Udimi. There will be a link below this video for you to sign up with Udimi if you don’t have Udimi account.

And I advise you to test your traffic. Buy 50 clicks, buy 100 clicks. And test the traffic. Guys, see how many opt-ins you get, okay. There’s different types of sellers out there. Some seller sells click as low as 35 cents. Some sell as high as 70 cents or more. Sometimes it just depends okay the higher amount of you spend on it. On the lead then the better the lead will be.

I like to buy top-tier traffic. That means US, Canada, Australia, UK. All right. That’s the type of traffic that I like to buy. And you want to spend a little bit more money when you’re buying top-tier traffic to build your email list, okay. They tend to respond better. So again there will be a link at the bottom of the video for you to sign up with Udimi and test the traffic.

Testing Solo Ads

Again, marketing is all about testing. You have to test, test, test, test, test, test traffic. And if you find something that works, then you want to scale up from there, okay. But sometimes a lot of us are scared to invest in our business, all right. And if you, you’re very scared to risk money, guys, then you shouldn’t be in business, okay. Playing a simple flat out, shouldn’t be in business if you’re scared to take a risk. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to have to take risks. That’s what a life is all, about taking a risk, okay. Don’t take a risk, you’ll never know if it works or not, alright.

What Are Solo Ads? Solo Ad Co-op

So what I’ve done and what I’ve created is a way for you to lower your risk, okay. I created a solo ad co-op. And what a co-op is, is a group of members of people and we all spend a little amount and we buy clicks, okay. So the co-op that I created it’s only $20 a week. Now as far as I’m like as I’m concerned there’s no other place online where you can buy sell ads for that cheap, okay.

Now the more members that we get the more clicks you’ll receive on a weekly basis. So how it works is you pay $20, I’ll buy the traffic from proven solo ad vendors, okay. And then you guys will be put on a link rotator, okay. Everybody will see the same equal amount of traffic each week. And then we’ll send clicks to any landing page of your choice, okay. Now the email swipes that we use are very generic, so they can be you applied to any business, okay. Now we’re not doing this for health and fitness right now, but internet marketing, affiliate marketing. That can be applied to any business like that, okay.

What Are Solo Ads? Internet Marketing Niche

Guys, so if you are in affiliate marketing business, or MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, you can join this co-op. All right now. There’s not going to be our monthly reoccurring fee so for instance if one week you can’t afford the $20 then you don’t have to buy in for that week, okay. Guys so you just pay twenty dollars a week on Thursday, every Thursday, your twenty dollar payment has to be in by 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, okay.

All the information will be below this video also, okay. So your payment has to be in by Thursday 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, okay. Let me take PayPal payments. And all that will be explained when you send in your payment. You’ll be able to send in your link also, okay. So every week regardless, $20 and your link okay.

Let me put this down here to link to whatever landing page that you want to choose. And then I’ll send an email out either Friday night or Saturday. It will tell, I’ll tell you how many clicks you’ll receive for that week, or you should be expecting, okay. Now I’m not gonna be responsible for tracking your clicks you gonna have to do that yourself. There’s different software’s out there or links that you can use to track how many clicks that you receive, okay.

But everyone will receive the same amount of clicks. Alright. So again, this is the easy way to start to receive traffic on a consistent basis, okay. So the more members that we have the more clicks you will receive. So I encourage you to let your team know about this. That the people that you marketing to, let them know about the co-op. Anyone can join this co-op. Because we use generic email swipes so it can be applied to any business. So that’s what I’m doing guys to help you guys out because traffic is like the number one problem people really have a hard time generating traffic on a consistent basis. By having this co-op you guys will have a way to generate traffic on a consistent basis.

What Are Solo Ads? Now You Know

So that’s going to end our video. If you enjoyed this, please like, comment, subscribe. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below this video and give me a thumbs up. It really helps my youtube channel. Subscribe, hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you guys the next video. Thank you.

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Is Being Willing to Learn Enough for Success?

Being willing to learn can make you successful. But, only if you are willing to use what you know to direct your daily actions.

Practically everyone has heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

But, how many people really believe that it is true? How many people actually put what they know into practice?

Sure, it’s nice to learn new things. You may be curious and have a thirst for knowledge. You may be eager to learn and be a studious person. You may even have several college degrees, but are not making enough money.

Are You Willing to Learn the Secret?

I bet most of you have purchased a number of marketing training packages. And, you probably feel good knowing 20 different way to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. You probably bought several applications that help you optimize your web pages. You may even have a number of blogs.

But, you need to actually implement just a few things to move from struggling to successful.

Being teachable means more than just being willing to add to your knowledge.

The Secret You Must Be Willing to Learn

Bodybuilder and author Tom Venuto said, “Knowledge unused is worthless; only knowledge applied is power.” Or, said another way, “Knowledge unused is useless knowledge.”

Just because you know something does not mean you are using that knowledge to direct your actions. We are often reluctant to make changes to our habits and daily routines.

What makes a person successful is that they are moldable, adaptable, flexible, tractable, transformable.

A successful person has the right knowledge. And they have the willingness to make the necessary changes to their life. Successful people put their knowledge into practice.

The secret you must be willing to learn is to put right knowledge to work. That means you must do what your knowledge tells you to do. You must often delay emotional gratification and get to work.

Willing to Learn the Right Knowledge

Let’s face it. Practically everyone is willing to sell you a “secret” technique to gain wealth.

But, beware. To get the right knowledge you need to have the right teacher or mentor. Follow the advice of someone who actually has the success you want to achieve.

And, being trained by the right mentor will probably not cost a mere $29.97. The right mentor will provide both knowledge and a system for you to follow.

So, learn about potential mentors and pick one who is real, and wants to mentor you.

Willing to Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

horses running photo
Photo by frans16611 Willing to Learn Can Make You Successful[UltraVid id=8]

You may know the Scottish proverb, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This simply means that if merely wishing could make things happen, then even the most lazy person could fulfill their every wish.

Successful people are driven by goals. They know what they need to accomplish. And they don’t rest until the achieve their daily goals.

You must not confuse activity with achievement. Many people are active, but they are not actively working to achieve their goals.

Willing to Learn to Couple Knowledge and Goals

Here is the final secret. You must use the right knowledge to set goals. You then will work toward your desired success.

If you know what to do to succeed, your goals will ensure that you take significant steps toward that success.

Testing and Optimizing Moves You From Struggling to Successful

Testing and Optimizing helps you to stop struggling and start making more money. No one is perfect. So there is always room from improvement.

Making improvements in your email open rate, conversion rate, and your sales funnel usually requires testing small changes and measuring the results of those changes.

Testing and Optimizing Sales Copy

How good are you at writing sales copy? Sales copy is the set of words your potential customers see that help them make buying decisions.

Good copywriters can earn several thousand dollars for writing one good ad. They have experience and know what works. And, even then, some ads work exceptionally well, and some ads perform poorly.

Every time you write a blog post that attempts to persuade your readers about some topic, you are essentially writing sales copy. You want your readers to change their minds about something. You may be writing to encourage your readers to support a political candidate, or to buy a product. In any case, you are trying to change minds.

Do you write perfect, highly optimized copy? Probably not. And, most definitely not on the first attempt.

Isn’t it obvious that you need to make changes to make what you write more effective? Of course.

And, how do you determine if a change you make is better or worse than the original? You look at the results.

Did your change produce more or less results than the original?

You measure the results both before and after the change.

Testing and Optimizing Email Subject Lines

In marketing, we often call the testing phase A/B Split Testing. It’s like doing an experiment on your prospects to see how they respond to two options.

Let’s suppose we have two email subject lines. A subject line is what you see in your email inbox. You read the subject line and decide if you want to read a particular email or not.

Suppose two subject lines you want to test are:

  • How to be happy with your results
  • How to be overjoyed with your results

The difference is just one word. Which subject line will get more people to open your email?

You don’t know. So you have to test. How do you do that?

You select a portion of your list, say 15%, to receive one headline and another 15% of subscribers to receive the other headline.

The headline that gets the most “opens” is the winner. You can use that headline to send your email to the remaining 70% of your list.

Testing and Optimizing Everything With Measurable Results

Testing small differences, measuring results and optimizing your email subject line, email copy, signup forms, calls to action, and all other aspects of your business requires time and effort. This is how you make advances in your online (or offline) business.

In addition to modifications, you may try removing unnecessary or distracting elements of, say, your web page. For example, too many options confuses people and often reduces buying decisions.

Testing and Optimizing Removes Emotional Attachments

You may be emotionally attached to certain ideas or stories that do not resonate with your readers. These become distractions that reduce the effectiveness of your presentation.

Testing lets you find out how your potential customer reacts to your presentation. The objective testing, measuring of results, and optimizing will help your presentation have the maximum impact.

Testing and Optimizing Produces Good Results

You should be testing and analyzing everything you do. This is the only way you will move from being unsuccessful to becoming successful.

Don’t Have Time For Testing and Optimizing?

If you don’t test and optimize your marketing campaigns you are not going to rise to the exceptional. You may do OK, or you may keep struggling.

Most successful online marketers have a staff of people working to optimize their campaigns. They can expend the manpower to get everything just right.

Most of us “mortals” find it very difficult to do all that testing.

This is when working with a professional can help.

Not Making Money in a Competitive Environment

You are not making money in a competitive environment because you are offering a single product. You may have high hopes. But, most people don’t make money online.

Your desire to succeed may be high. You need the extra money. You look forward to big commissions.

Yet you will probably fail. And you will fail because you cannot compete against more savvy marketers.

What is the key difference between you and those Lamborghini driving savvy marketers?

You Are Not Making Money in a Competitive Environment

Offering a single product in a competitive environment is not profitable.

McDonalds photo
Photo by spi516

Imagine going to McDonald’s and ordering a hamburger. Just a simple hamburger.

Who does that? Almost nobody.

A McDonald’s franchise owner would not be too happy to make 6 to 10¢ on the sale of only a single hamburger at a time. The real profits come from the fries and drinks people add to their order.

If all a McDonald’s sold were hamburgers, nobody could afford to invest more than a million dollars to get the fast food restaurant going.

Now imagine that you are selling a single product. It could be your own product or an affiliate product.

You set up an advertising campaign. Your campaign could use paid traffic or you could build a website and attract visitors using search engine optimization (SEO).

But, your efforts probably will not pay off if all you offered was a single product. The profits from that product would hardly pay for your advertising campaign.

Making Money in a Competitive Environment by Offering Several Products

This is why savvy marketers all offer multiple products, often in a one-time-offer (OTO) funnel. You start by ordering a basic item, then are shown additional items you can add to your order.

At McDonald’s the hamburger (or a Big Mac) is the front end product. Then you include fries and a drink to make the profits soar.

In the online marketing world, you start with a base product. Then you offer an upgrade to a “Pro” edition. Then you offer a commercial license. After that you offer unlimited access. Finally you offer a monthly subscription for addons that further enhance the product.

Make Money in a Competitive Environment

This is simply how online marketing works in today’s competitive environment. Those with big sales funnels make a lot more money than the novice affiliate marketer promoting a single product.

Affiliates who promote a single product cannot afford to bid on paid traffic against someone with a profitable OTO sales funnel. And free traffic is just too slow to make money quickly.

How Can You Make Money Online Fast in a Competitive Environment?

So, how can you make money online fast in a competitive environment?

You need to do three things:

  1. Offer multiple products in a funnel
  2. Build your own email marketing list to offer additional products
  3. Get targeted traffic to your opt-in page and your offer

This is a lot for someone just starting out. Or even for someone who has failed over and over again for several years.

But, there is an easy solution. And that is to use a great existing money producing funnel. Build and email list. And, start getting fast, targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

Why You’re Not Making Money: No Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is simply the flow of visitors to your site who are interested in the topic or niche of your site or web page. These are people most interested in what you have to say.

The primary purpose of getting targeted traffic to your site should be to build your own email list. You may also get the bonus of immediate sales.

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site

There are two ways targeted traffic comes to a particular page of your site.

  • Free Traffic

    The first way to get targeted website traffic is to make your site attractive to the search engines. There are two important steps in this process.

    1. On Site Optimization. You design each page of your own site to discuss a certain topic or keyword phrase. You mention that keyword phrase several times. And you use other words and phrases that are closely related to your targeted phrase.
    2. Off Site Optimization. You work to get other sites to link back to your site.

    This technique provides targeted traffic, but it comes slowly because it takes a long time to optimize your site for the search engines.

  • Paid Traffic

    The second way to get targeted traffic to your site is through paid traffic. There are several popular ways to buy targeted traffic.

    1. Buy Search Pay Per Click Traffic

      Search engines display web pages that they believe relate to the search phrase you typed in. But they also sell ad space. In Google, for example, several of the top search results Google shows you are actually ads. Also, results you see to the right of the main search results are also ads. You bid a certain amount of money per click to get your ad displayed for certain search terms. You pay each time your ad is clicked. Then, when someone clicks your ad, they are shown the web page you want them to see. This technique can provide fast targeted traffic, but it is very competitive and the cost per click can be high.

    2. Display Ads

      Most popular websites sell advertising. You are probably familiar with news sites or social media sites. These, and many other sites, sell ad space to marketers. Facebook, for example, sells advertising space. A marketer can select certain characteristics of Facebook users they want to see their ad. Marketers can select people to see their ad based on interests, geographic location, age, job classification, even income level. This helps them select a finely targeted audience to see their ad.

    3. Email Targeted Traffic (Solo Ads)

      People who already have a mailing list will sell space in an email for your ad. The list owners may put your ad in their newsletter or they may send a single or solo email with your ad. You choose an email list owner whose niche is related to your own niche. These targeted visitors can come quickly. And, there are many email list owners you can use.

How To Drive FAST Targeted Traffic With Udimi is a highly effective source of solo ads. You will be very happy with the targeted traffic you buy. Not only will you get optins to your list, but you may also get quick sales. This can often cover the cost of your solo ad.

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Why You’re Not Making Money: No Opt-In Form

Still not making money online
Still not making money online
One reason you’re not making money online is that your web pages have no opt-in form. Opt-in forms are essential for email marketing and list building. Here are some tips.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Tips

You should show each visitor to your site your opt-in form from your autoresponder. When a visitor fills in the opt-in form they become a subscriber to your email list. They give you permission to contact them by email. You can use email marketing to provide helpful tips and suggestions, as well as sales material.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Forms Are Essential

Opt-in forms are essential to your online success. Marketers estimate that 95% of people visiting your site will click away before buying your product. This means that you lose the vast majority of people who see your site. If you display your opt-in form, some of those people who are really interested in your niche will fill out the form and subscribe to your email list.

You may have to contact prospects repeatedly and get them to view your site three or four times before they are ready to make a purchase decision. By getting their permission to email them, you will have additional chances of converting each visitor into a customer.

Your opt-in form should request enough information to contact a subscriber. But, don’t ask for non-essential information. Fewer people will fill out a form with lots of required fields (like phone number, address, income level, etc.). And, your goal should be to make it easy to subscribe.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Placement

Put your opt-in form in a prominent position so the visitor will easily see it. Use an eye-catching design to capture their attention. You can present your opt-in form to visitors in several common ways:

  • On every page of your site. In WordPress you can use a sidebar widget.
  • At certain points in the content of a web page.
  • In a pop-up when a visitor first arrives.
  • In a pop-up when the visitor tries to close your page.

Give visitors to your page a reason to subscribe. You can offer them helpful tips, a software product, or a white paper on an interesting subject. But, visitors to your page need some incentive to give you their email address.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Samples

Here are some effective opt-in forms. Take a look at them to learn what effective opt-in forms look like. Use them as models for your own opt-in pages.

Why You Are Not Making Money

You are not making money online and are frustrated, disappointed, and ready to give up. Here are some of the reasons why you are not making money and what you can do about it.

Everyone wants to see money flooding into their bank accounts from their online business. But, most people are not working the right business model for raking in large amounts of cash.

Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money

Here are a few of the reasons you may not be seeing the kind of online success you have hoped for.

  1. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Building a List

    You Are Not Making MoneyIt’s pretty easy to understand that if you are not building an email marketing list, then you are starting over each and every day. You use email your marketing list to repeatedly contact those who are interested in your niche. This means you need an autoresponder and you need to use your autoresponder to capture leads. More About the Importance of an Autoresponder

  2. You Are Not Making Money Because You Don’t Have a Opt-In Page

    You must have a page to display your autoresponder’s opt-in form. This can be on your own website or another website that offers high quality opt-in pages. More About Using an Opt-In Form

  3. You Are Not Making Money Because You Do Not Get Targeted Traffic

    You get targeted traffic in several ways. The first way is to have a website and work to get the search engines to display your website in the search results for popular keyword phrases. This usually requires some skill and takes a lot of time and effort. Or, you can get targeted traffic using paid traffic. This is often costly and if you don’t know what you are doing you can waste a lot of money very quickly. More About Getting Targeted Traffic

  4. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects

    It often takes 7 or 8 contacts with a prospect before they will buy from you. You must get prospects on your list in order to contact them repeatedly. And, your emails must be high quality. More About Emailing Your List

  5. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Offering a Single Product

    You may be trying to promote a single product, hoping to make money. But, nearly all successful online marketers are promoting several products in a series or sequence. People often refer to as a “funnel.” After someone buys one product, you offer them another product, and then another. Some products provide you with a one time commission while other products provide you with ongoing income. The money you make offering a single product cannot match what you could be earning with a good sales funnel. More About Succeeding in a Competitive Environment

  6. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Testing and Optimizing

    You must constantly test and optimize your marketing efforts.  In order to be competitive, you need to test and optimize your lead capture pages, your emails, and your products to become as efficient and effective as possible. The market is very competitive. And, if you are not constantly testing and optimizing your business model, you will find your profits dwindling to nothing. More About Testing and Optimizing

  7. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Willing to Learn

    Let’s face it. Online marketing is probably a new skill you need to master. If you struggle and think you are being left behind, then you are doing something wrong. You simply need to learn what works and start applying yourself to do what works. More About Being Willing to Learn

Disappointed That You Are Not Making Money

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it is. And, it can be costly. For example, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels™. Well, ClickFunnels™ alone costs from $97 to $297 per month. But, it can be a great value when you have your own products to sell.

But, if you are like most markets who are struggling to make it online, you can’t spend all the time and money on something that might work. You must use a system that has been proven to work, a system that is constantly being improved to make it more effective. And, a system that provides training so you can master the skills you need to succeed.

How Can I Start Making Money?

OK. You may be asking, “How can I start making money from home?

You can avoid failure by using a complete system that has a great sales funnel, excellent lead capture system, a powerfully effective email sequence, and all the training you need.

You may also be wondering, “How can I start making money right now??”

You don’t want to spend months, or even years, blogging, building a following and ranking in the search engines. You want rapid success. You need to follow a system that works.