Effective Safelist Marketing

Effective safelist marketing can make your marketing effects successful. A safelist is made up of a group of members who are willing to receive emails from you. They will click a credit link in the email. Then they will look at the web page you are promoting for a short time. This will earn them credits that will allow them to send their ad to safelist members.

People use safelists in order to send their ad to a large number of people who will actually read their ad. For the right kind of ad, this can be quite effective.

The main advantage of safelists is that they are free advertising. Most safelists are free to use, though most have upgrades that offer various advantages (such as more credits per click or shorter viewing times).

A couple of safelists I use nearly every day are:

What is Safelist Traffic?

Safelist traffic primarily consists of people who are in the Internet marketing, business opportunity, or make money online niche.

Safelist traffic includes people who want to show other people their ads. So, they are involved in marketing and promoting various opportunities or products.

What Should You Promote to a Safelist?

You should promote a page that would appeal to a person involved in a business opportunity or online marketing.

The most effective type of page to promote on safelists is an opt-in page. People involved in one opportunity are often looking for another opportunity that will produce better results. If your opportunity looks promising, viewers will opt-in to see what you have to offer.

You opt-in page should be appealing and must load quickly. People using safelists will view you page for, usually, 6 to 15 seconds to gain credits. That’s all the time your page will have to attract their interest.

Do Safelists Still Work?

Safelists still work. I usually get several people opting in to my autoresponder every day.

Of course, this depends on the particular page I am promoting. Here is one page I find is quite effective.

Note that thousands of people will need to see your opt-in page for you to get a single subscriber. So, this advertising technique is much less effective than, say, solo ads. But, safelists are free. So they are great for people just starting out.

Safelist Marketing | Can Safelist Make You Money? Watch this first!

This video shows how one person is building a Traffic Wave business using free safelist advertising.

How to Make Money with Safelists

Of course, making money with safelists is what everyone wants. But, you must remember that you have only about 10 seconds to attract the viewer’s attention. After that they will close your page and view the next credit link.

That’s not enough time to present an effective sales page for a product.

So, you do not make money directly with a safelist. Instead, you use a safelist to build your autoresponder list.

Once you have subscribers to your list, then you send them emails promoting your business opportunity or products.

How to Use Safelists Effectively

I use safelists nearly every day. But, I don’t spend a lot of time reading emails and clicking credit links. I automate this process.

While I’m writing this post I have Fast Traffic Bot working in the background reading emails and clicking credit links, earning me credits every minute.

When I’m ready, I log in the the safelists and send my promotional email to thousands of safelist members.

I even have some bonuses for you if you purchase Fast Traffic Bot. Take a look at these bonuses here.

Safelists can be an effective advertising tool for you. Give them a try.

Get 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads Every Day

Want to discover how you can add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day? I’ll tell you. And, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

What’s the Cost of Adding 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads to Your List Every Day?

Have you struggled to build a hot email list? How did you attract the leads you already have?

How hard would you have to work and how much would it cost to add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day?

If you used solo ads, you could hope for an opt-in rate of 50%. So, you would need to order 200 clicks and hope for that 50% opt-in rate. Even at 40¢ per click, that’s going to cost you $80 each and every day.

Can you afford that? Probably not. You would need an incredibly effective funnel and email sequence. Otherwise, the costs of building your list would eat you alive.

Automate Your Opportunity Seeker Lead Generation

There are many ways to get your message in front of people to entice them to sign up to your list. Some people use Facebook ads, they use Craigslist, some use safelists or traffic exchanges.

Frankly, these sources are not very automated. You have to spend a lot of time going to each site to enter your advertisement. At least with most safelists, you can use Fast Traffic Bot to automatically earn credits you can then use to mail your offers.

Automated Way to Add 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads

But, there is a more automated way to contact a growing number of opportunity seekers. And, this is with My Lead Gen Secret. This system adds 100 new leads to your list every day. You get 200 leads per day if you are an active affiliate.

You can email these leads once a day with a built-in CAN-SPAM compliant autoresponder.

How Much Does My Lead Gen Secret Cost?

The cost is an initial $30 set-up fee, then $30 a month. That’s about $1 day day for 3000 new opportunity seekers every month. And, what’s great, these subscribers are unique to you.

Compared to $80 a day, $2400 a month using solo ads, this cost of $30 a month is a drop in the bucket.

Nobody else is emailing to them but you. They are not being bombarded by offers from tens or even hundreds of people. This is one reason you experience such phenomenal open rates and click-through rates.

And, this system provides you with a broadcast autoresponder that is CAN-SPAM compliant. You can mail your leads every day if you like. Or you can wait for them to accumulate and email them when it’s convenient.

Most people choose to rotate through several business opportunities in their emails. This provides subscribers with a diversity of opportunities that will appeal to them.

Experience with My Lead Gen Secret

Real people, just like you, have been successful online using this list building source.

  • Curtis Goudy had yet to make his first dime online yet pulled in $400 in 4 days using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Judith Finley was a massive skeptic (she runs her own safelists) but recently starting using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Mike Everett bought My Lead Gen Secret and within 24 hours he’d made sales and landed in the Top 10 of an affiliate contest.
  • Julia Short and Larry Flora used My Lead Gen Secret and banked a cool $753.32 in less than 72 hours.
  • Carol invested in My Lead Gen Secret and paid for his signup fee on her very first day.

After using the system for a couple of weeks I found it to be quite effective. The open rates for my emails (heavily dependent on the subject line) ranged from a low of 5.86% to a high of 19.67%. These are pretty high rates of subscribers actually reading your emails. Click through rates for those who opened the emails ranged from 8.37% to 17.07%. Again, very good rates of readers clicking to your offers.

Imagine the effect of sending emails to thousands of subscribers, with more being added every day.

my lead gen secret

Isn’t it time you tried My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret Real User Review

Hi. I was compelled to do a little follow-up video for you guys, I believe it was on the 8th. I posted it on the 8th and I wanted to give you my results from My Lead Gen secret.

Results of Sending to 500 Opportunity Seeker Leads

I’d sent out 500 leads, okay, sent 500 leads on 3/7/2019. This is gives you evidence, because you know, people tell you anything. This is a real proof.

Now I thought. OK, they send you the stats and that’s it. So you know, the stats were pretty good. To know they’ve been updated. I can’t believe this! Wait till you see this, guy’s! You’re going to freak out.

I cannot believe this. OK. so I sent to 500 leads on 3/7/2019. Lookie here. 242 were opened. 75 were clicked. It’s got an open rate of 48 percent and 31 percent click-through.

Amazing Results From Opportunity Seeker Leads

I was blown away. Can you believe this? Almost half of them were opened. 75 clicked, for a click-through rate of 31%. My Lead Gen Secret is unbelievable. And I want to tell you something. I can teach you all how to do this from your phone. I’m doing everything from my phone. No laptop, no computer. Phone, phone, phone. Again the 500 leads, 242 opened, 75 clicked, 48 percent open rate, and a 31 percent click-through rate.

I’m so jacked up I don’t know what to do. You guys have got to check this out. It’s really not to be believed. I love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Click to get more information about My Lead Gen Secret.

🤷‍♂️What Are Solo Ads? Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

What are Solo Ads and what are the best places to buy solo ads? A solo ad is sent out by an email list owner to subscribers. Subscribers click a link in the ad to visit a web page of your choice.

Solo Ads Guaranteed Clicks

You usually buy solo ad clicks in units of 100. So, you may purchase 100 clicks, 200 clicks, or 300 clicks, etc. The people who click to your page are “leads” or prospects that will read your offer. Typically list owners charge from 35¢ to $1 per click. Very high quality clicks may cost $2 per click or more.

When you compare the cost of clicks from solo ads to sources such as Google’s AdWords, Bing Ads, or other pay per click (PPC) sources you can see a definite price advantage. For example, most clicks in AdWords for “make money online” related keywords hover between $1.80 and $2.30. So, solo ads are a bargain.

Send Click to Your Opt-In Page

Most savvy marketers will buy solo ads to build their own email lists. So, they will send solo ad clicks to their squeeze page or opt-in page. This page usually contains a headline that promises a benefit, some bullet points of addition benefits, and an opt-in form. Some pages also offer a freebie that can be downloaded after subscribing.

After a visitor submits their contact details to subscribe, they are typically sent to a product sales page. There is where the solo ad buyer makes upfront money.

The idea here is to first capture the lead to build your list. Then send the lead to a sales page. It the lead buys the product you have made some money. If the sales page is very good and a fit to what your lead wants, you may make more money than the solo ad cost you.

In any case, you will gain more subscribers. And, your autoresponder followup sequence will provide you with many more opportunities to sell them a product. The common wisdom for an email list tells us that each subscriber is worth $1 per month in income.

Ads for the Internet Marketing Niche

Most solo ad sellers have lists of business opportunity seekers. Subscribers are looking for way to make money online, they want to work from home, or they are interested in cryptocurrency systems.

You need targeted traffic to have a good response to your opt-in page. If your area of interest is different, you should be sure solo ad sellers have a specific list of people interested in your niche.

How Much Tier 1 Traffic?

Solo ads bring you traffic or clicks from subscribers to a list. But, who is on that list? This is an important question.

If you are buying solo ad clicks, you want people with credit cards and available money to see your targeted web page. And, for English language sites, you want people who speak English to see your web page.

We call the Unite States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand Tier 1 countries. Clicks from these countries are Tier 1 clicks.

Most solo ad sellers will tell you what percentage of their subscribers are from Tier 1 countries. They may states that they deliver, say, 90% Tier 1 clicks. Some sellers will claim different percentages of Tier 1 clicks.

You can usually pay a little more for 100% Tier 1 clicks if you want.

What Are Solo Ads? Buyer Traffic or Non-Responsive Traffic

Again, we can ask, “Who is on the list?” Are subscribers proven buyers of products than have been promoted to them? Are they just “lookers” who have not bought any products? And, how old is the list?

Obviously, it would be best to have proven buyers look at your offers. Proven buyers are more likely to buy other products. While those who have never bought products are less likely to respond to your offers.

Some list owners keep their lists up-to-date by periodically purging non-responsive subscribers. Such a list is higher quality than a list with a lot of non-responsive subscribers.

Measure Results

You will notice differences in results from clicks from different solo ad sellers. There are some statistics you should record from each solo ad source.

  • Opt-In Rate: This is the percentage of people who click to your opt-in page who subscribe to your list.
  • Cost per Click (CPC): This is how much you paid per unique click.
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC): This is how much you make from your offer divided by the number of clicks. You should direct people who subscribe to an offer to get some immediate compensation.
  • Over Delivery: Most solo ad providers will deliver more clicks to your web page than you purchased. Many solo ad providers promise an over delivery rate like 10%.

Tracking these statistics for each solo ad you purchase can help you know which vendors to use again and which to avoid.

Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

There are a number of places to find solo ad sellers.

  • A number of solo ad sellers can be found on sites like Udimi.
  • Some sites like Solo Ad Blasts offer solo ads for many different niches.
  • And, there are individual selling solo ads who are listed in places like the Warrior Forum.

In addition, you can find results and evaluations of solo ad sellers on Facebook in groups with the title “Solo Ad Testimonials”.

There are, of course, alternatives to solo ads. One alternative is promoting your offer to various Facebook groups. You can get a Facebook group blast and get 5000 targeted visitors to your site at minimal cost. Another alternative is eMillionClicks.com which uses clicks to expired domains. There is also Niche Online Traffic that provides targeted traffic at a good price.

And then there is using bulk email. You can send emails to 2.3 million people each day. You can send a targeted email to prospects interested in your niche.

Solo Ads – The Truth

What’s going on guys? Vinny here. We’re gonna talk about solo abs- the truth.

Okay. So there’s a couple questions that we want to answer about solo ads. What are solo ads; expectation of solo ads; and how to get started with solo ads.

What Are Solo Ads?

So what are solo ads? Solo ads are a form of email advertising. There’s people out there who have huge email list, okay. Some have a list as small as five thousand; some have lists as far as 500,000, okay. So what you do, you pay to advertise to their email list. You buy clicks.

Now there’s different clicks you can buy. You can buy 50, 100, 200, 300, all the way up to a thousand clicks or more. And they charge you for those clicks.

Ways to Build Your List

Now, a lot of people when they buy a solo expect to get sales. And that is the wrong attitude. The whole purpose of solo ads is to build your email list. Just the whole purpose of solo ads. There’s no other purpose of solo ads. Your whole purpose is to build your email list.

When you advertise to people through solo ads sometimes, yes, you will get sales. Don’t get me wrong. But the whole purpose is to build your email list. Because you need to build know, trust, relationship. This is the only way you’re gonna get sales guys is to build that, know, like, trust. People don’t know who you are. They need to like you. And they need to trust you in order to spend their hard-earned money with you.

Now, depends on what you’re selling as regards as how many sales you’re gonna get. A lot of the times people are looking for products such as health and fitness products that they’re they will buy immediately. But when it comes to business opportunity, if they’re not actively searching for one, and they don’t really, not really, looking, it’s gonna take time and a couple of exposures for them to spend money with you because they need to know if you’re, they know you, need to like you, and need to trust you.

Brand Yourself

That’s why it’s important to brand yourself when you are building your landing page. What I mean by branding yourself in your bridge page, people need to see a photo of your face or they need to see a video of you because video is the best way to build that trust with people. So if you’re not on video, please get on video or make sure you have a picture up in your bridge page. Guys, okay, because people need to build that trust.

So that is the whole expectation of solo ads. It’s not to get sales immediately. But think of it as building your email list, okay. And this will lower your expectation of solo ads, okay. And this will be better for you in the long run.

You want to build your email list, okay. I’m gonna keep saying that because I want you guys to understand that a lot of people don’t understand. I have people who join my team before, and you know, I tell them tell everyone that you should buy solo ads if you are looking to accelerate your business. And what I mean by that is, to build your email list a lot faster than doing free traffic, okay.

What Are Solo Ads? Sales are Secondary

Now nine times out of 10 guys you’re not going to get sales when you run solo ads. Sometimes you do get sales; sometimes you get on the streak, and you may get to three sales of people who will buy your opportunity. Especially if it’s a low price point. People, there’s impulsive buyers out there, okay. But the purpose of the solo ad is to build your email list; to market to your email list, okay. To give them value and to direct them back to the sales page. Give them value, direct them back to the sales page. Give them value, okay, and this will build that know, like, trust.

So when you do a solo ad run right, and let’s say you buy a hundred clicks, okay, and let’s say you got 49 opt-ins, I mean do you have 49 people added to your email list, okay. So what you want to do is send them a series of emails through your autoresponder. Now we’re gonna put V for value, V for value, and then another offer, okay. For sales, okay.

So that’s what you want to do. You want to have an email follow-up giving them value. Maybe they’re struggling with getting traffic in their business. Or maybe they’re struggling. You don’t have a consistent way of following up with people. They need an autoresponder. You may help them to get an autoresponder, or build a sales page, or a sales funnel. And then you want to direct them to the sales page. Guys, value, value, sale. And you do this until they either, they buy or they unsubscribe from your email list. But this is the whole purpose of a solo ad.

All right. So I hope you guys understand that. Because when I first got started I thought I was supposed to get sales from my solo ads. And that’s not the case.

Get Started With Solo Ads

So how do you get started with solo ad advertising? Now there’s different companies out there. The one I use is Udimi. Reason why I used Udimi, I’ve very good results. They have built trust with them. And I have got a substantial email list using Udimi. I like Udimi traffic. Now, there’s other ones out there I really can’t speak on because I don’t use them. But for sure, I do use Udimi. There will be a link below this video for you to sign up with Udimi if you don’t have Udimi account.

And I advise you to test your traffic. Buy 50 clicks, buy 100 clicks. And test the traffic. Guys, see how many opt-ins you get, okay. There’s different types of sellers out there. Some seller sells click as low as 35 cents. Some sell as high as 70 cents or more. Sometimes it just depends okay the higher amount of you spend on it. On the lead then the better the lead will be.

I like to buy top-tier traffic. That means US, Canada, Australia, UK. All right. That’s the type of traffic that I like to buy. And you want to spend a little bit more money when you’re buying top-tier traffic to build your email list, okay. They tend to respond better. So again there will be a link at the bottom of the video for you to sign up with Udimi and test the traffic.

Testing Solo Ads

Again, marketing is all about testing. You have to test, test, test, test, test, test traffic. And if you find something that works, then you want to scale up from there, okay. But sometimes a lot of us are scared to invest in our business, all right. And if you, you’re very scared to risk money, guys, then you shouldn’t be in business, okay. Playing a simple flat out, shouldn’t be in business if you’re scared to take a risk. If you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to have to take risks. That’s what a life is all, about taking a risk, okay. Don’t take a risk, you’ll never know if it works or not, alright.

What Are Solo Ads? Solo Ad Co-op

So what I’ve done and what I’ve created is a way for you to lower your risk, okay. I created a solo ad co-op. And what a co-op is, is a group of members of people and we all spend a little amount and we buy clicks, okay. So the co-op that I created it’s only $20 a week. Now as far as I’m like as I’m concerned there’s no other place online where you can buy sell ads for that cheap, okay.

Now the more members that we get the more clicks you’ll receive on a weekly basis. So how it works is you pay $20, I’ll buy the traffic from proven solo ad vendors, okay. And then you guys will be put on a link rotator, okay. Everybody will see the same equal amount of traffic each week. And then we’ll send clicks to any landing page of your choice, okay. Now the email swipes that we use are very generic, so they can be you applied to any business, okay. Now we’re not doing this for health and fitness right now, but internet marketing, affiliate marketing. That can be applied to any business like that, okay.

What Are Solo Ads? Internet Marketing Niche

Guys, so if you are in affiliate marketing business, or MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing, you can join this co-op. All right now. There’s not going to be our monthly reoccurring fee so for instance if one week you can’t afford the $20 then you don’t have to buy in for that week, okay. Guys so you just pay twenty dollars a week on Thursday, every Thursday, your twenty dollar payment has to be in by 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, okay.

All the information will be below this video also, okay. So your payment has to be in by Thursday 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, okay. Let me take PayPal payments. And all that will be explained when you send in your payment. You’ll be able to send in your link also, okay. So every week regardless, $20 and your link okay.

Let me put this down here to link to whatever landing page that you want to choose. And then I’ll send an email out either Friday night or Saturday. It will tell, I’ll tell you how many clicks you’ll receive for that week, or you should be expecting, okay. Now I’m not gonna be responsible for tracking your clicks you gonna have to do that yourself. There’s different software’s out there or links that you can use to track how many clicks that you receive, okay.

But everyone will receive the same amount of clicks. Alright. So again, this is the easy way to start to receive traffic on a consistent basis, okay. So the more members that we have the more clicks you will receive. So I encourage you to let your team know about this. That the people that you marketing to, let them know about the co-op. Anyone can join this co-op. Because we use generic email swipes so it can be applied to any business. So that’s what I’m doing guys to help you guys out because traffic is like the number one problem people really have a hard time generating traffic on a consistent basis. By having this co-op you guys will have a way to generate traffic on a consistent basis.

What Are Solo Ads? Now You Know

So that’s going to end our video. If you enjoyed this, please like, comment, subscribe. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below this video and give me a thumbs up. It really helps my youtube channel. Subscribe, hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you guys the next video. Thank you.

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4 Ways to Build Your List | How to Build an Email List

4 way to build your list shows you how to build an email list. You probably know an email list is essential to making big money online.

We’re going to put you on the fast track to building your own lucrative email list. Here are some profitable suggestions to build your email list.

Watch the video below for even more information.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Lead Magnets

The most popular way to build your list is with a lead magnet. This is something you give away for free. It can be an info product, a training video or course, or some software application.

You might have general information in a post, for example. And you would offer specific details or action steps in an “exclusive PDF” when a visitor subscribes to your list. Getting the bonus content can be a great incentive for people to give you their email address.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Quiz Results

You create a quiz on your site. When the visitor takes your quiz, you tell them that they can get the results in their email when they subscribe to your list. Many will want to see their results and will subscribe.

There are a number of quiz plugins for WordPress you can use for this purpose.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Provide Useful Content

The major reason people subscribe to a list or newsletter is to get helpful information.

The more helpful your posts are, the more people will want to learn more from you. In order not to miss any useful ideas and tips you have, they will subscribe to your list.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Use Solo Ads

The fastest way to grow your list is to get more targeted traffic to your opt-in form. And, advertising is the way many people attract new subscribers.

Many other people have lists related to your niche. You can pay them to send visitors to one of your pages (with your opt-in form, of course).

For more ideas about ways to build your list, watch the following video.

4 Ways to Build Your List | How to Build an Email List

You know that you need to build an email list. You know that you need to grow an email list. But you’re, like, how the actual you know what, do I grow my email list without just losing my mind?

So today I’m gonna tell you four ways that you can build your list, super easily, without any crazy launches or crazy anything. These are all ways that get people on your email list super simply.

Welcome back to my channel. And if you are new here, I’m Jessica Stansbury, your host and tour guide here on this channel.

Buckle Up and Get Ready to Build Your List

And first and foremost please keep all arms and hands inside of the vehicle at all times as we do sometimes hit rough terrain. Second of all, before this ride can start you need to hit the red subscribe button because we cannot go anywhere until that has happened.

So, like I said, we know we need to be building a list. You know you need to be building a list. Building a list is something that needs to be a priority, and that list building is huge, that the money is in the list. You know all of these things. But you’re, like, how do I do it? How do I build my list? How can I… what techniques can I use to build my list so that it grows and that I can sell from it? What do I do?

I’m gonna give you four techniques for list building. So if you are like, okay, and I’ve got the list. I’ve got the business. I am trying to get my audience on my list. How do I convince them to do that? This is your video. So let’s just jump into it.

These are in no particular order. And each one has a different reason that you might want to use it. A different instance in your business, and different businesses should be using different ones more than others. So, no particular order, here.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Giveaways

Number one is a giveaway. Doing giveaways of something people actually want something that they’re like, “Yes. sign me up for that. Do not worry, I will get it. I’m going to this giveaway it will change my life,” will cause them to sign up super quick.

People guard their email addresses because they know now that they’re used for marketing purposes. But a giveaway, they’re like, yeah, yeah, sign me up for that. I want to win that camera, or that course, or that signed a copy of that book, or whatever. And I want to win it now!

So using a giveaway to list build is huge because one its building your audience’s trust and, you know, your authority for your audience. But also, it’s building a list. Yo! And that’s super important.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Webinars

The second technique I want to mention is webinars. Now you can do webinars to launch products; you can do webinars to, you know, talk about something really important, to teach something to your audience. But, all in all, they are an amazing list builder. And especially when you can pair up with someone else to do a webinar because they’re gonna bring in their audience you’re bringing in yours and the list from that is amazing and massive. And everybody’s going to benefit. So webinars are huge and you should be hosting them, gathering emails for people who want to be a part of them, and adding them to your email list.

And even if it’s a non selling webinar, that doesn’t mean that down the road you’re not going to sell on a webinar. And those people you just added are going to be the people who purchase. So make sure you do that.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Host Free Challenges

The third technique you can use to list build is to host free challenges. So free challenges are amazing because it really removes the stigma for people that something takes too much time. So it’s, like, you know, what this is a free five day challenge to help you X, Y, and Z. And in their head they’re, like, I can get that done in five days. I thought it took 100 years.

Let me sign up for that. Challenges are an amazing way to, again, build a relationship with your audience, but also build that list. And help them along the way. So if you’ve not hosted a free challenge, it might be something you want to consider.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Freebies

And the fourth way to list build and to get people on that email list is probably the one you hear about the most, and it’s probably the one I talk about the most, and that is to provide freebies. Now a freebie can be a free video, a free workshop even, a free course, a free PDF, an ebook, a downloadable, a printable, whatever. It can be something that is going to help them accomplish what they’re looking to accomplish. That you can help them with. So provide a free something, aka, a freemium, freebie, opt-in, upgrade, whatever you want to call it. Where the person watching your videos, or reading your blog post, or viewing your Facebook post, or whatever, is sitting there and thinking, “Oh my gosh! Yes! I need that thing because it will really help me in whatever this problem is I’m facing.” And then they’ll gladly give you their email address.

So those are the four techniques that I recommend for building that list, because the money is in the list, and it’s super freakin important that you build yours, I promise.

Have You Started to Build Your List?

Have you started building a list for your business? Is that something that you’ve made a priority? And what program are you using to do it? I’d love to know in the comments because that’s one of my biggest questions I get is, you know, what, who do I use to host my email list? And I’m a huge fan of ConvertKit, but I know that there’s a lot of other options out there.

So drop it below. Let me know. Let me know if you’re in list building mode and what has been your most successful list builder to this date? And then also subscribe because, remember, like the whole like train didn’t leave in the beginning if you didn’t subscribe. It still applies here and it ain’t stopping. You’re just going to keep going forever until you hit subscribe. Because that’s the rules.

Bye y’all.

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The equipment I used to film this video:

My Favorite Things

Oh and follow me!


You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects

You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects. You need to contact them to move them to a buying decision.

You’ve got your autoresponder, have set up an eye-catching opt-in form, and are getting targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

Now you need a good email sequence. This is a set of emails that your autoresponder will automatically send to your subscribers. Each subscriber will begin getting this sequence of emails once they opt in to your list.

Some systems, like FunnelXROI, provide a set of effective emails to you. But, otherwise, you need to write your own emails.

You need to pay attention to four major areas of the emails you write. These are critical to your success.

Subject Line: Emailing Your Prospects

The most important part of your emails is the subject line. This is what is displayed in your email inbox. The subject line will determine whether your email gets opened or deleted with all the other boring emails.

The subject line must be short, promise a benefit, and arouse curiosity. Don’t SHOUT by using a lot of capital letters. But, don’t make the subject line sound spammy.

Body Copy: Emailing Your Prospects

Your subject line has been a success. A subscriber opens your email and starts to read the text (or body) of your email.

Will they keep reading? Yes, if your email holds their attention. And, if it looks clean and short. Do not use long paragraphs.

Very quickly you must identify a problem that personally affects the reader. Personalize this statement with the name of the recipient. Your autoresponder lets you add the recipients name if your opt-in form captured their name.

Then, tell them about your solution and why it is important. List a few important benefits of your solution.

Finally, give them an easy next step. Give the reader a clear action step they can take immediately.

Avoid SPAM Words: Emailing Your Prospects

Of course you want your emails to be delivered to the inbox of your subscribers. Nothing frustrates this more than a SPAM checker putting your email into the SPAM folder. So, be careful when you write your emails.

Avoid words that are characteristic of SPAM emails. Some of these words or phrases are:

  • 100% free
  • one hundred percent free
  • all new
  • best price
  • discount
  • fast cash
  • for free
  • free sample
  • giving away
  • great offer

To be sure, use an online SPAM checker. Just Google “spam checker” and you’ll find several sites that let you check your subject line and body copy for SPAM words.

Keep your emails out of the SPAM folder.

Measure and Test: Emailing Your Prospects

Your email marketing campaign can be a major success or a big flop.

Even if it’s successful, you’ll want to make it even better.

The way to improve your email marketing campaign is to measure results and test changes.

Your autoresponder will tell you the open rates for each of your emails. Open rate tells you what percentage of subscribers opened a particular email. In other words, the open rate tells you how effective your subject line is.

You also can determine how many times a link in your emails was clicked. This tells you how effective your body copy is.

Test small changes in your subject lines and body copy to see which version produces better results.

You can send two versions of an email to portions of your subscribers. Measure the differences between the two. This is called A/B split testing and your autoresponder should allow you to do this.

Start Emailing Your Prospects

Success comes when you put your action plan to work. And, of course, you know that it’s you who actually does the initial work. In this case you need to write emails. Then, let your autoresponder do the work of sending them out.

Why You’re Not Making Money: No Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is simply the flow of visitors to your site who are interested in the topic or niche of your site or web page. These are people most interested in what you have to say.

The primary purpose of getting targeted traffic to your site should be to build your own email list. You may also get the bonus of immediate sales.

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site

There are two ways targeted traffic comes to a particular page of your site.

  • Free Traffic

    The first way to get targeted website traffic is to make your site attractive to the search engines. There are two important steps in this process.

    1. On Site Optimization. You design each page of your own site to discuss a certain topic or keyword phrase. You mention that keyword phrase several times. And you use other words and phrases that are closely related to your targeted phrase.
    2. Off Site Optimization. You work to get other sites to link back to your site.

    This technique provides targeted traffic, but it comes slowly because it takes a long time to optimize your site for the search engines.

  • Paid Traffic

    The second way to get targeted traffic to your site is through paid traffic. There are several popular ways to buy targeted traffic.

    1. Buy Search Pay Per Click Traffic

      Search engines display web pages that they believe relate to the search phrase you typed in. But they also sell ad space. In Google, for example, several of the top search results Google shows you are actually ads. Also, results you see to the right of the main search results are also ads. You bid a certain amount of money per click to get your ad displayed for certain search terms. You pay each time your ad is clicked. Then, when someone clicks your ad, they are shown the web page you want them to see. This technique can provide fast targeted traffic, but it is very competitive and the cost per click can be high.

    2. Display Ads

      Most popular websites sell advertising. You are probably familiar with news sites or social media sites. These, and many other sites, sell ad space to marketers. Facebook, for example, sells advertising space. A marketer can select certain characteristics of Facebook users they want to see their ad. Marketers can select people to see their ad based on interests, geographic location, age, job classification, even income level. This helps them select a finely targeted audience to see their ad.

    3. Email Targeted Traffic (Solo Ads)

      People who already have a mailing list will sell space in an email for your ad. The list owners may put your ad in their newsletter or they may send a single or solo email with your ad. You choose an email list owner whose niche is related to your own niche. These targeted visitors can come quickly. And, there are many email list owners you can use.

How To Drive FAST Targeted Traffic With Udimi

Udimi.com is a highly effective source of solo ads. You will be very happy with the targeted traffic you buy. Not only will you get optins to your list, but you may also get quick sales. This can often cover the cost of your solo ad.

Free udimi account for targeted traffic
Click For Your Free Udimi Account
And $5 Off Deal

Why You’re Not Making Money: No Opt-In Form

Still not making money online
Still not making money online
One reason you’re not making money online is that your web pages have no opt-in form. Opt-in forms are essential for email marketing and list building. Here are some tips.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Tips

You should show each visitor to your site your opt-in form from your autoresponder. When a visitor fills in the opt-in form they become a subscriber to your email list. They give you permission to contact them by email. You can use email marketing to provide helpful tips and suggestions, as well as sales material.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Forms Are Essential

Opt-in forms are essential to your online success. Marketers estimate that 95% of people visiting your site will click away before buying your product. This means that you lose the vast majority of people who see your site. If you display your opt-in form, some of those people who are really interested in your niche will fill out the form and subscribe to your email list.

You may have to contact prospects repeatedly and get them to view your site three or four times before they are ready to make a purchase decision. By getting their permission to email them, you will have additional chances of converting each visitor into a customer.

Your opt-in form should request enough information to contact a subscriber. But, don’t ask for non-essential information. Fewer people will fill out a form with lots of required fields (like phone number, address, income level, etc.). And, your goal should be to make it easy to subscribe.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Placement

Put your opt-in form in a prominent position so the visitor will easily see it. Use an eye-catching design to capture their attention. You can present your opt-in form to visitors in several common ways:

  • On every page of your site. In WordPress you can use a sidebar widget.
  • At certain points in the content of a web page.
  • In a pop-up when a visitor first arrives.
  • In a pop-up when the visitor tries to close your page.

Give visitors to your page a reason to subscribe. You can offer them helpful tips, a software product, or a white paper on an interesting subject. But, visitors to your page need some incentive to give you their email address.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Opt-In Form Samples

Here are some effective opt-in forms. Take a look at them to learn what effective opt-in forms look like. Use them as models for your own opt-in pages.

Why You Are Not Making Money

You are not making money online and are frustrated, disappointed, and ready to give up. Here are some of the reasons why you are not making money and what you can do about it.

Everyone wants to see money flooding into their bank accounts from their online business. But, most people are not working the right business model for raking in large amounts of cash.

Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money

Here are a few of the reasons you may not be seeing the kind of online success you have hoped for.

  1. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Building a List

    You Are Not Making MoneyIt’s pretty easy to understand that if you are not building an email marketing list, then you are starting over each and every day. You use email your marketing list to repeatedly contact those who are interested in your niche. This means you need an autoresponder and you need to use your autoresponder to capture leads. More About the Importance of an Autoresponder

  2. You Are Not Making Money Because You Don’t Have a Opt-In Page

    You must have a page to display your autoresponder’s opt-in form. This can be on your own website or another website that offers high quality opt-in pages. More About Using an Opt-In Form

  3. You Are Not Making Money Because You Do Not Get Targeted Traffic

    You get targeted traffic in several ways. The first way is to have a website and work to get the search engines to display your website in the search results for popular keyword phrases. This usually requires some skill and takes a lot of time and effort. Or, you can get targeted traffic using paid traffic. This is often costly and if you don’t know what you are doing you can waste a lot of money very quickly. More About Getting Targeted Traffic

  4. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects

    It often takes 7 or 8 contacts with a prospect before they will buy from you. You must get prospects on your list in order to contact them repeatedly. And, your emails must be high quality. More About Emailing Your List

  5. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Offering a Single Product

    You may be trying to promote a single product, hoping to make money. But, nearly all successful online marketers are promoting several products in a series or sequence. People often refer to as a “funnel.” After someone buys one product, you offer them another product, and then another. Some products provide you with a one time commission while other products provide you with ongoing income. The money you make offering a single product cannot match what you could be earning with a good sales funnel. More About Succeeding in a Competitive Environment

  6. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Testing and Optimizing

    You must constantly test and optimize your marketing efforts.  In order to be competitive, you need to test and optimize your lead capture pages, your emails, and your products to become as efficient and effective as possible. The market is very competitive. And, if you are not constantly testing and optimizing your business model, you will find your profits dwindling to nothing. More About Testing and Optimizing

  7. You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Willing to Learn

    Let’s face it. Online marketing is probably a new skill you need to master. If you struggle and think you are being left behind, then you are doing something wrong. You simply need to learn what works and start applying yourself to do what works. More About Being Willing to Learn

Disappointed That You Are Not Making Money

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it is. And, it can be costly. For example, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels™. Well, ClickFunnels™ alone costs from $97 to $297 per month. But, it can be a great value when you have your own products to sell.

But, if you are like most markets who are struggling to make it online, you can’t spend all the time and money on something that might work. You must use a system that has been proven to work, a system that is constantly being improved to make it more effective. And, a system that provides training so you can master the skills you need to succeed.

How Can I Start Making Money?

OK. You may be asking, “How can I start making money from home?

You can avoid failure by using a complete system that has a great sales funnel, excellent lead capture system, a powerfully effective email sequence, and all the training you need.

You may also be wondering, “How can I start making money right now??”

You don’t want to spend months, or even years, blogging, building a following and ranking in the search engines. You want rapid success. You need to follow a system that works.

What Is An Autoresponder?

What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is the tool that allows you to automate communicating via email with people who subscribed to your email list. Once a person has opted-in or subscribed to your email list, the autoresponder sends emails you want to send.

The entire email marketing industry, and probably internet marketing industry for that matter, is made possible by autoresponders. It is estimated that 281 billion emails are sent each day. This is made possible only by autoresponders.

There are basically two types or flavors of autoresponders.

  • Software programs you install on one of your domains. There is typically a one-time fee to purchase an autoresponder software program. And, if your hosting provider allows it, you can send emails directly from your server. Otherwise you can use a 3rd party email sender service (like Amazon SES , SendGrid, or Mailgun) to send your emails.
  • Autoresponder services provided by 3rd parties. These services typically charge a monthly fee which can increase as you acquire more subscribers or send out more emails.

Most autoresponders allow you to send two types of emails:

  • A sequence of prepared emails each subscriber starts to receive as soon as they opt in to your email list. This sequence may consist of several emails or it could contain hundreds of emails scheduled to be sent over the coming months.
  • Broadcast messages you send out to everyone in your list regardless of when they opted in.

Autoresponders help you automate campaigns to teach or promote. The emails can be customized with the recipients name to make it look more personal.

What Is An Autoresponder?

This video explains more concepts about autoresponders. After watching, you’ll be able to answer the questions: “What is an autoresponder?” with ease.

[UltraVid id=6 ]

Hi. John here with another introductory internet marketing video.

Today I want to talk to you about “What is an autoresponder?” You hear this word thrown around a lot. It’s important to get an autoresponder and a lot of people don’t really understand what an autoresponder is. So I thought I’d just take some time out to discuss the basics of an autoresponder, or the components of an auto responder.

You hear a lot of people talking about building your list. What they’re really talking about there is using an autoresponder to capture names and email addresses of people that you can market to. So let’s consider what an autoresponder really is.

What is an Autoresponder?

An responder is a system that usually resides on the internet somewhere, maybe a service that you subscribe to. It might be a system that you’ve bought and installed on one of your own domains.

What it allows you to do is to find people who want to give you their names and email addresses in exchange for something of value. You may have seen this. People will say to you sign up for my email list and i’ll send you a free seven part miniseries, or i’ll send you a free PDF, or a free video, whatever it is. So, an autoresponder is a means of capturing these names and email addresses in order that at some point in the future you can actually send out email messages.

Now, these email messages might be sales messages, marketing messages. But, there should be a good mix of good value content in there. Things that your subscribers will really appreciate receiving, and not just a constant barrage of buy this, buy this, buy this. Personally there’s nothing annoys me more than receiving those kinds of messages.

So let’s take a moment and consider what are the actual components of an autoresponder. I’ve identified 10 things that I think are key to making up a good quality autoresponder. The first few are really basic.

What Is An Autoresponder? Capture Name and Email Address

You need to be able to capture names. I would go a little bit further say you need to capture names and email addresses. Most autoresponders will allow you to capture much more as well: telephone numbers, mailing addresses, details of where they saw an advert, notes, anything like this. .

However, I will caution you. The studies have shown that the more information you ask for the less likelihood is that somebody will subscribe to your list. I find that a simple name and email address, you could even say first name and email address, if you want, is usually enough. And you only want the first name because you want to personalize the messages.

What Is An Autoresponder? Scheduled Message Sequence

You want the ability to send scheduled emails. So if you’re offering somebody a seven part miniseries that they’re going to receive over the next seven days. you don’t want to have to go in there every day and send an email to everyone that’s just joined. With an autoresponder what you’ll do is you’ll set of all seven emails in advance. And you’ll say at intervals of one day send these messages out to people that just joined my list.

You can actually take this further and you could say that after the seven you want to send additional messages out. Some of which will be content some of which will be sales messages. I’ve known of people that have sent up a whole year of daily email messages that go out to people. The beauty of this is, when somebody joins your list you don’t have to do anything for that first year if you don’t want to. They continually are being contacted by you or by your autoresponder. So they feel that they’re building this bond with you, building this relationship. And if you do have new content that you want to add, you can simply just tag it onto the end of those 365 messages that are already there.

What Is An Autoresponder? Broadcast Messages

On top of this though you want to be able to send what’s called a broadcast email now broadcast emails are where you want to say I want to send an email right now to all these people on my list. Or I want to be able to send these five emails on these specific days. This is really useful when you’re launching a new product, or when you’re taking part in somebody else’s product launch. So you can sequence all of the emails in advance and you don’t need to remember to be there and push the button at the right time.

What Is An Autoresponder? Connect to Your Blog

I think a good autoresponder nice be able to link to your blog. if you subscribe to my list you’ll know that every time I produce new content on my blog you’ll get an email message. I’ve noticed a lot of the more well-known people in internet marketing circles are doing this. the great thing is is you’re providing content, valuable content, to your mailing list on a regular basis.

Link to Social Media

I also like it to link to social media. So when any of my broadcast emails go out it also updates my Twitter and my Twitter feed, also then updates my Facebook and my LinkedIn, and my friend feed, and my Plaxo. And all of these things are all driven simply by me sending an email out through my autoresponder.

What Is An Autoresponder? Track Open Rates

Now once you’ve started sending emails and you’re starting to build up a list, you need to be able to track the open rates. So you need to be able to say, okay, if I sent this to a hundred people how many of those hundred opened it. And what can I do to improve the open rate in future emails? So you might want to write a better subject. The subject really falls in with any sort of headline in copywriting terms. So if you can write better subjects or better headlines you’ll get more people to open your emails.

However I will caution you a lot of people use trickery to open these emails. They’ll say, “Response required”, brackets, personal message John. I hate that. If the subject has nothing to do with the message inside, that’s usually a signal for me to unsubscribe for a mailing list. Take that as a word of caution.

What Is An Autoresponder? Link Tracking

Alongside this you want to be able to do link tracking, So you know how many people have opened your email. If you put links in there, you want to know how many people have clicked on those links. And. if you’ve put three links in there, has everyone just clicked on the first one and ignored the others? Or does one of the links stand out more than the others? You need to know these things.

What Is An Autoresponder? Segment Your List

As you grow your list, you want to be able to segment it. So if you’ve got a list of 10,000 people, and you’re not sure which is the best of three emails that you’ve written, what you can do is, you can send each of those three emails to a segment of maybe 200 random people on your list. Your autoresponder will track who gets which of them. From that you could see which email gets the best open rate, which one gets the best link tracking. And you can also potentially see from these which one achieves the best sales figures. Once you know which of the three is the best, you send that one to the rest of the list. You can only do this if you have this list segmenting capability within your autoresponder.

What Is An Autoresponder? General Reporting

now on top of the tracking for individual emails you want to be able to see general reporting to see how your list is growing all the time. See how your open rates are improving all the time. How your link tracking is improving all the time. And it’s really helpful to be able to get that big picture in order to be able to fine tune your marketing.

What Is An Autoresponder? Unsubscribe Facility

Now key to any autoresponder is there must be unsubscribed facilities there. So when you send a message to somebody they need to be able to click a button which says “unsubscribe from this list.” If you don’t do that and they want to be off your mailing list, they’re more likely to send a message to your ISP saying this person spamming me. Then you’re likely to get shut down really quickly.

What Is An Autoresponder? Double or Single OptIn

And that brings us on to one final point about autoresponders and something around which there’s a lot of debate. And that is the double opt-in. So I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. A double opt-in is where when somebody joins the mailing list, they get an email confirmation which says we’ve just received this request, please click this link if you really want to receive emails. The two sides of the argument are by doing this you have the potential for somebody who’s giving you their name and email address to say actually you’re not. I’m not that bothered. And yes you can lose a few people like this. But in reality, most people who request, certainly in my experience, follow through and confirm. On the other hand, if you don’t do a double opt-in, you leave yourself wide open to people saying I never asked for this and therefore this person’s spamming me. The benefit, it’s a double opt-in is that you can say, “No, no. You asked for this and you even clicked a confirmation link on this day at this time.” As far as I’m concerned, double opt-ins for me are here to stay.

So that’s it for now. I’m John Landells from internet marketing with John at www.joeygunz.com and I’ll see you in the next video.

http://www.johnlandells.com/internet-marketing/autoresponder/ – Autoresponders are the key to a long-term, profitable Internet Business. Discover what they are and why they’re so important is this video.

Email List Building – Why Build an Email List

Why build an email list? Email list building allows you to stay in contact with people interested in your niche who are potential customers.

You can email subscribers and build a lasting relationship. By offering tips and suggestions to your subscribers you build trust and value. And, people are more likely to buy products recommended by people they trust.

From your own experience you know it takes several exposures to a product before you buy it. The same is true with people on your email list. You must email potential customers multiple times with information about a product you are promoting. Do this and you will make more sales. And that means more commission income for you.

If you don’t build and email list you will have only one contact with each prospect. It’s like you are starting your business over each and every day. You will need to attract new prospects every day. The result will be that your business does not make as much money as it could.

Your efforts as email list building represent an important growing asset. It increases the value of your business each and every day. And most email marketers say it is their most important asset. You own your list. Your email list is not owned by Twitter or Facebook. It’s yours. You have complete control over it.

Email List Building – Why Build an Email List

Be sure to watch this video which explains email list building and gives reasons why you should build and email list.

[UltraVid id=5 ]

What’s up everyone? Today we’re gonna talk about the importance of email marketing and why your business should be growing an email list.

Email is a really great tool to turn potential customers or leads into the first-time clients, and turn those first-time clients into repeat loyal customers. So why don’t we get into why email is so much different than other forms of reaching out to your clients?

Email List Building Doesn’t Cost a Lot

First of all, it doesn’t cost a lot, or actually can be free to get started with email marketing. So if you sign up with MailChimp you can actually have a free account up until you have 2000 subscribers or send over 12,000 emails a month. We use for our business convertkit which, you find, it’s a little bit better but it does start at $30 a month for any email marketing service. You usually can get a free trial, so I’d recommend signing up for a couple. See which one seems to be the easiest to use or makes the most sense for your business. Email marketing is really easy to get started. You do not need any special skills whatsoever. Just sign up for the free trial or free account, upload them a list of emails if you have them, design the email, upload the content ,and hit Send. It’s as easy as that. You can do more complex things such as set up email marketing files to send out a series of email over a period of time.

If you have any questions about how to set up any email marketing campaigns leave it on the comment section. I’m happy to videos about those in the future.

Email List Building Has the Largest “Reach”

Email marketing probably has the largest reach. And what I mean by that is, if you have a thousand people in an email list, you’ve got thousand fans on Facebook, a thousand people on Instagram, a thousand people on Twitter, and you send the same message across all of them, email is probably gonna be the one that reaches the largest number of people. They’re looking through their email all the time, several times a day. They’re at a minimum gonna skim through and see the subject and the snippet of what your email is about. They may not open it, but most people are at least get to that level.

Email List Building Has Better Open Rates

And you may have open rates of 20, 30, 40, 50 whatever percent for an email. Take Facebook for example, they’re probably only show that message to one to ten percent of your audience. So if you’re got a thousand fans, they’re gonna show it to 10 to 100 of them. The other 900 and some people are not even gonna see the message, ever. The same thing with Twitter or Instagram, or any other social network. So that’s a really powerful thing is if you had the same size audience you’re gonna reach a larger percent of them with emaIL than other methods.

Email List Building Give Better Conversion Rates

Number four is, you’re gonna see a higher conversion rate. So if you see the open rates of emails is much higher than who you’re gonna reach through other methods. But then also the click-through rates from someone that open an email, click through and did the action that you wanted them to isn’t much higher than it is on social media. Part of the reason you’re gonna reach more people and have a better conversion rate for email versus other methods of reaching out to them is just the lifespan of an email. So someone will scroll through all the emails, make sure they didn’t miss something. So they’re gonna go back days or weeks, and probably come across your email at some point if they didn’t right when you first sent it out.

Also the search ability of email which is really powerful. So they could see something today, they might miss it today and search for something from you and find it weeks later. Or if you read a great email they may refer back to a time and time again and see it multiple times. It’s much harder to find all messages on social media than it is through email.

Email List Building Helps Grow Social Media

Email is a great way to grow your social media YouTube or other channels. So once you have someone’s email address you can send them to your latest YouTube video you can tell them days or weeks in advance about the new Facebook live you’re gonna be doing. You can basically take someone from there and direct them to whatever actions you want them to take, or grow your social media following.

Also, in your signature, if you put the little icons for where you’re on social media you’re not really pushing people to go there but it’s just a subtle reminder hey by the way, I’m on Twitter, or by the way I have a Youtube channel. And you’ll find that some people will be clicking on those links and each one of the emails that you send out.

Email List Building Lets You Own Your List

Oh, one another point with this is email is not gonna penalize you depending on where you’re sending the traffic. This you say with Facebook is that they hate sending you anywhere outside of Facebook, especially to say YouTube. And so we have do a lot of YouTube. And the issue is it kind of distorts the image if you try to put a Youtube link. The thumbnail doesn’t show up right. It’s not going to show up to very many people because Facebook doesn’t want you to go there. You have an email list you say check out my Facebook Live. Go to my website check out my Youtube video. You can send them anywhere you want.

Email List Building Lets You Design Your Emails

Also, the email marketing there’s not a lot of design restrictions. It could be all text. It can be an image, could be a bunch of different images. You can link to videos. But think about Instagram. You can’t really put links anywhere. Twitter has a character limit. So it’s a great way to communicate with your audience in the format that you like the most.

Email List Building Helps With Sales Funnels

Email is the best way to set up a sales and marketing funnel. So if you’re not familiar with this, you might be, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it is. But a lot of times if you sign up for an email list. Hey, download this ebook. Then you realize you’ve got the e-book the day later you got another message three days later. You got another message. Then all of a sudden they say, Hey, I’m offering this course or something else, or do you want to set up a call? Basically, what that is is that’s an automated sales marketing funnel where you can have email set up over time to be sent to that person to basically take them through the process to being a much warmer lead and being ready to maybe purchase from you.

Email List Building Lets You Segment Your List

Email marketing is also really powerful because you can segment your listing any way imaginable. And so if you can measure it, you can split up your list that way and send out different emails to different groups. So you could say, Hey, who are my top ten customers? And send them this message, someone who bought from you once and hasn’t bought in six months, sends me this message. If someone signed up for your mail list. opens a few emails but never purchased anything maybe in three months, you send that specific person a specific message. And so you can cut up your email list into in many different ways you want and target specific messages to specific audiences. You can’t really do that on social media where you’re sending out a message and anyone that follows your own social media is gonna be receiving the same message.

Email List Building Protects Your Efforts

The last point on growing email lists is, what’s your backup plan? So imagine this. Chances are you’re growing an audience through say rented real estate. And what I mean by that is you’re getting a lot of traffic through SEO, through Pinterest, through Instagram, YouTube. That’s how people know you. And the thing is, what happens if that social network disappears tomorrow? Or they change their algorithm and you start getting less traffic, and less people seen your post. If you have their email, you can reach out to them, say, hey, by the way now you can find me here. I’m posting my video on Facebook instead of on YouTube. So email is a great back-up plan if things don’t work out on where you built up your audience. You can later send them someplace else.

Alright. Those are my points on why you can you start growing an email list for your business. Hopefully I convinced you to put more effort into growing that email list, and using that to grow your business.

In the next video I’m gonna walk you through how to start collecting those emails. So on your home page, on your blog, creating free opt-ins, and accessing pop ups, all sorts of things. So if you haven’t done so yet, subscribe to my channel and stick around for future videos. There’s also a couple along the side here if you want to watch them right now.

Until next time, bye.

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