7 Benefits of Using Covert Commissions and How to Make Money



If you’re wondering what Covert Commissions is all about, then this quick Covert Commissions Review is meant for you. Covert Commissions is an affiliate marketing system /software that helps you create landing pages to advertise/promote products. It was developed by Cindy Donovan, along with her partners. It was first released in 2015, over the years it has become a popular marketing tool.

How does it work?

It is an automatic tool that generates online commissions witһout any manual effort. It sets up all the campaigns for traffic and leads for all your products.

Basically, you only need these 3 simple steps to set up your Covert Commissions account.

i) Sign in to your account and navigate to the dashboard, and add CB ID and, JVZoo.

ii) select the offers that you desire to have them as missions.

iii) Make use of the inbuilt tools to send traffic. Also, go through all the training tutorials.

Benefits of Using Covert Commissions

1.)It provides a 100% managed internet affiliate marketing system, that can do all the affiliate works for you ( it is an all-in-one affiliate marketing system that delivers, with little effort on your end).

2.) For beginners, the member’s area is easy to navigate and is well designed in a professional manner. The interface is user-friendly and easy to access.

3.) Todays’ covert commissions are loaded with incredible features to maximize profits.

4.) Comprehensive tracking systems- the tracking tool pinpoints where the sales and profits are coming from.

 5.) There are a lot of promo tools, ranging from:




      -Email Funnels

6.) Another amazing feature is their website’s blog – they consistently publish informative articles on making money online.

7.) Other than the basic product, this tool is loaded with other valuable bonuses.


How do you make money with this tool?

Well, after clients have signed up to your email list, Covert Commissions will promote offers to this list continuously, each time with your affiliate links. This means that you will earn commissions when people purchase what you are promoting.

Keep in mind that all this will happen on autopilot.

Most of its products are from Clickbank and JVZoo, thus you will need to provide your details to receive commissions.

It has various funnels to offer, with products in a wide range of niches. Therefore you will not be limited to the make money from one niche.

Finally, the merchant does not deduct any percentage from your commissions. All commission goes directly to your account.

Setting up an affiliate marketing campaign can be exhausting, especially if you are new to this field. Therefore if you are new to affiliate marketing, Covert Commissions would be the simplest way to get you started and earn as much profit as possible.

All, you have to do, is to send people the link that is provided inside Covert Commissions. Additionally, it is loaded with video tutorials to guide you.

Covert Commission is the real game-changer.


Introducing Erasure Market Predictions

""The Erasure Protocol

Erasure is a brand new decentralized statistics market. It lets in absolutely everyone to add predictions, stake them with cryptocurrency, construct a music record that everybody can affirm, and earn money.

Commit to every prediction ahead of time

In 2013, an open supply task referred to as Proof of Existence become released. Proof of Existence allowed a user to timestamp a report the use of the Bitcoin blockchain.

You should upload your file to the Bitcoin blockchain and prove that the file existed.

From Business Insider, writes Rob Wile, that Proof Of Existence is “possibly the maximum honest example of a post-Bitcoin carried the usage of Satoshi’s blockchain”.

Erasure Need Timestamp

On Erasure, you need to timestamp each prediction you add, much like Proof of Existence.

Imagine you’ve got done research on Apple’s hardware production. After investigating for a while, you recognize that iPhone sales in China will exceed all expectations, and you observed that Apple is about to skyrocket.

But today, the pleasant factor you may do with this information is to buy Apple inventory.

The enormous majority of facts is tough or impossible to express as an alternate.

For more, visit https://binbitforex.club/introducing-erasure-market-predictions/

Are You Still Using A Replicated Website In Your Ads?

I don’t know how long you have been doing business online. It
does not matter if you’ve just started. The fact still remains
that if you are not in control of the contact details of the
people you invite to join you in a program, you are always
starting from scratch – not able to build on previous gains!

Let me explain,

Every business opportunity you join will require you to share
their products and services with others in return for

After walking somebody through your recruiting process, and
you only offer them your replicated website, and you are lucky
enough for them to join you, their contact details are added
to the company’s data base. The same information is also
reflected in your back office of the company’s website for you
to see.

You invited the person, but the company owns the data. This
scenario applies to every single person you sponsor.

Now, if the company ever goes out of business, it disappears
with the data! Or if for whatever reason you stop promoting
the program, the company keeps all the contact details of the
people you brought to the table. You walk away empty handed to
start all over again!

The Missing Link…

You need a system that would capture your prospects’
information before they see your replicated url. This is how
you build and keep your most valuable asset online.

Among other things, this system must also enable you to stand
out from the crowd to present your offers with stunning
graphics! I know of one that comes with all the great
advertising tools you can think of as standard, and it does
not cost a fortune!

Allow me to introduce you to a system that will
take your breath away!

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See you on the inside…

Joe Baiden

Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 1

Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the entire internet. It is also the number one social networking site in the world. People from all corners of the globe visit Facebook and interact with others while using it. No one should be surprised that such a platform is also a great way to reach potential customers. Some businesses spend their entire advertising budget on Facebook ads, and they have great success. Here we’re going to help you understand what Facebook ads are and how to use them.

Why Facebook ads are so successful.


The only company that knows more about your online behavior than Facebook is Google. Some say Facebook knows more about you than Google does. Facebook knows everything about you. Facebook knows what your favorite type of music is, your favorite restaurants, and who you spend the most time talking to. They also know all of this information about the people you talk to regularly. All of this information allows them to come up with a pretty good idea about who you are. Along with all that, you give Facebook quite a bit of information voluntarily as well. You like and follow several people and brands. All of this is information that they use to paint a picture of who you are.

Have you ever seen those little Facebook share buttons on sites?


Those buttons are also tracking your web browsing outside of Facebook. It’s just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to the amount of information Facebook has about you. They know about your behavior outside of their site as well as what you’re doing on it. Facebook has a pretty good idea of what each of their users likes, dislikes, and where they spend their time online. It’s a vast amount of information that they collect on people all the time.

None of this is meant to scare you.


You probably already know that Facebook is collecting all kinds of information about its users. This meant to show you that it’s possible to target the exact type of customer who is interested in what you have to offer them. You see, Facebook collects all of this information to make buying advertising on their site more attractive to advertisers. Facebook knows that it’s vital to marketers that they’re able to reach the exact audience their offer is suited for. Facebook can pinpoint the correct person your offer is best for because they have all the information required. This is a marketer’s dream come true since they can target a particular group of people who are interested in what they’re selling.

It’s all about putting your ad in front of the perfect person.


Hopefully, now you can see why Facebook collects this information. Also, you can probably see where this is going. You have something you want to sell someone. The goal is to reach the best possible person who will react to your ads. That’s exactly what all of this is about. It’s about you putting an advertisement in front of someone who is most likely to react to it. That is Facebook marketing in a nutshell. You whittle down the perfect buyer until you know exactly who they are. Once you’ve figured out who that person is, then it’s time to show them advertising.

Do market research before considering placing an ad.


This is probably the one area where people fail the most. It’s not uncommon for online marketers to spend more time thinking about the process of marketing than the people who they are trying to reach. There is a learning curve involved when it comes to using an advertising platform and creating an advertisement. Too often, people spend all of their energy trying to figure out how all of this stuff works and not who their ideal customer is. If there is one reason why most marketers fail, that’s it right there. They haven’t done the homework to determine who is going to buy what they’re selling.

Research and find the perfect customer for your offer.


For some of you, this is going to come as second nature. You live, sleep, and eat your niche. While for others, it’s going to take a little bit more research. The first things you’re going to want to ask yourself is how old is the ideal customer? You’ll also want to consider sex, race, and income level. All of these things are an essential part of your marketing plan. If you’re going to be successful, then you’ve got to target the exact customer out of millions of people.

Don’t forget to zero in on their interests.


Facebook also allows you to market to people who have specific interests. Does your ideal customer watch a certain television show or listen to a particular style of music? It’s possible to target those who have a specific interest that is related to your niche. You need to consider all of the things your potential customers are interested in. It’s possible to discover an untapped area that people aren’t exploiting yet. If you can find such a demographic, the reward for your efforts will be pretty sweet.

It’s all about putting your ad in front of the person who’s going to react to it.


Up until this point, you may have been wondering what’s the purpose of all of this. Why do you care if your ads are shown to such a small number of people and not the broad general audience that Facebook has? The reason you want to be as specific as possible is that you want your ad shown to only those people who are interested in it. That makes sense. Doesn’t it? Why would you want your funny T-shirt about golfing to be shown to someone who has zero interest in golf? You want your ads only to be seen by those people who have a direct interest in what you’re selling.

Facebook ads are built to convert.


It’s all about conversions in the end. Facebook fully understands you’re not going to buy ads on their site if the traffic doesn’t convert. The reason why Facebook ads convert so great is that you’re able to target a very specific audience. You can’t be too ultra-niche when it comes to your traffic purchases. You want to show your ads to only those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer them. It doesn’t make sense to show men products geared towards pregnant women. The end goal is always to achieve the highest amount of conversions possible. The way you do that is by showing the person precisely what they want.

You will have to split test your ads.


What is split testing? This is the method that you use to find out which ad works the best. You will find that some ads convert better than others. No one makes a high converting ad on their first attempt. You may be surprised to find out that seasoned internet marketers split test their ads. It’s not possible to know right out of the gate if an ad is going to work. Sometimes people respond better to different colors, sales copy, or even the music in a video. You will be surprised by how little tweaks can have a significant impact on your conversions. You should never run an ad without split testing it to see what is the most effective.

Don’t forget to split test your landing pages as well.


It’s not just enough to split test your ads. You’ve also got to split test the landing pages as well. No one creates a high converting landing page right from the start. You want to keep tweaking it until you’ve got it perfected. It’s going to take some time to learn what people in your niche react to the most when they land on a page. Sometimes it can be surprising to learn that what you think will work doesn’t. It takes quite a bit of trial and error to create the right page that makes the person react in the way you want them to.

Continually tweak your ads and landing pages.


You can never be happy with your conversion rate. Always try to squeeze as much profit as you can from your ads. There are no such things as over-optimizing your advertising. It’s all about you making the most profit possible with the amount of money you have. You also need to realize that the more money you make, that means you can buy more ads. Your ability to move forward will be dependent on how successful your ads are. If you want to make it big, then you’ve got to never settle for second best.

Thank you for reading this presentation. Click below for Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 2 to read the rest of the report. Thanks again.

One Day Money Memberships

There are two reasons that most newbie marketers never try this:

  1. Because they think it’s somehow unethical (it isn’t)
  2. Because they’re scared. (It’s not scary, it’s easy and exhilarating

I’ve done this myself and have earned literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from it with very little initial work

I’ve mentioned it before although perhaps not this exact method.

OK here we go…

So first you get your idea for your continuity product…

Something like:

How to make money from plugins

How to build a mailing list of 100,000 subscribers

How to build your own Amazon Empire

How to start your own event promotion business

How to build a six-figure local SEO business

…or anything like that which tickles your tackle.

And then you get busy and write (or outsource) the sales page.

Then you busy and write (or record or outsource)the first lesson/’module/video or whatever delivery method you choose

The whole thing takes about ONE DAY if you get started early and work your arse off doing what I call a ‘power day’

Power day?

Well, this is when you dump all distractions and let NOTHING take your eye off the ball.

You focus 100% on getting the job done and don’t stop until it IS finished.

It’s knackering absolutely, but at the end of the day when you have the sales page ready and the first lesson in place you feel like the soap after a women’s volleyball championship 🙂

Because when you’ve got these basics in place you can launch.

You don’t need all the lessons/modules to be in place, you just need to be one lesson ahead of your subscribers.

And here’s the biggie…

AFTER you’ve launched lesson one you can gather all your subscribers into a Facebook group or forum or however you want to set it up and ASK them what they want to see next.

Sure you’ll have some kind of loose structure in mind, but by asking your members what they want to see next you’ll never be short of content ideas AND you’ll keep your refunds low and your retention rate high because they’ll never be disappointed in the content……because THEY chose it.

I’ve run continuity sites like this and the feeling of belonging your members get when you listen to them and provide what they’re asking for it totally priceless.

It makes your continuity incredibly STICKY (high retention rate) which in turn makes affiliates want to promote it.

Here’s the best bit – your original members will feedback to you on what they want to see next right?

Your job is then to stack it up into a DRIP FED course that is delivered automatically to all new subscribers.

When the course reaches its natural conclusion (as they all do) you’ll have a ready to go drip-fed membership that it 100% HANDS-FREE for you and all you have to do is pour new members in the top.

Lovely model takes about a day (initially) to set up and then you have a drip-fed, fully automated course that you just need to pour new buyers into!

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Recruit on Demand


You will get your own version of this site tied to promoting your Network Marketing Business.

– Easy copy and paste Daily Action steps.

– Over 20 training videos related to Prospecting and Follow-Up.

– Unlimited Network Marketing Leads That We Find For You!

– We add all your leads to your easy to use Contact Manager.

– Over 15 different lead capture pages included.

– Built-in autoresponder & drip emails.

– Easy duplicable way to train your team as it grows.

And Much More!!!

Build An Online Business – Not Just A Website

Not a website-builder —
It’s a web business-builder

Building a website correctly is just one step out of 10 in SBI!’s comprehensive, business-building process. SBI! guides you methodically through every part of building a business…

  • from the beginning (evaluating, picking and refining your business concept)
  • to the "end" (growing the largest and most stable income possible).

Solo Build It!’s Action Guide (AG) does that. The combination of core information and step-by-step instructions empowers individuals (from novice to sophisticated) to grow long-term online businesses at unparalleled rates and levels of profitability.

For the Sophisticated, Too?

SBI! is for anyone who has yet to achieve a thriving online business. That has nothing to do with how much you know. It’s about applying the right information in the best way possible, in the correct sequence — and doing it with "BAM" (more on "BAM" in a minute).


Everything that you need to know and do is in the AG. It’s also all that you need — you won’t waste time following useless info, or make mistakes due to bad info. This approach works — SBI! has a 15-year proven track record. No one else does.

SBI!’s AG breaks the complex project of business-building into 10 (metaphorical) "DAYs." Each DAY is one major advance in the process. See how "site-building" is just 1 DAY out of 10 (DAY 6).

DAY 6 gives you the skills to structure and then "fill" your site with high-value, in-demand content. In short, you build a site properly, one that stands out in a competitive crowd.

If SBI! consisted only of DAY 6 and its world-class sitebuilder, you would still be ahead of the millions who use sitebuilders such as Wix, Yola, Weebly, etc. As you have seen, though, the Action Guide contains much more than DAY 6…

It is a patient, thorough, methodical business-builder. The complete coverage explains a big part of SBI!’s 100X higher rate of success, but not all…

While the Action Guide is the core, there is much more to SBI!. You also require the right tools to optimally execute many of the non-sitebuilding steps (e.g., refining niche selection or maximizing passive social signals). With SBI!, there’s no need to discover all the tools you need, or to research which are best — they are built-in and ready to go.

SBI! didn’t start this way. SBIers taught us what they needed. For example, the firehose of articles related to e-business (e.g., SEO, AdSense, etc.) was unmanageable 10 years ago. Imagine keeping up with it all today. We do that for you! (More on "auto-updating" later.) Also…

It turns out that most people need a little help at some point. SBIers get as much as they want from a community that cares, the SBI! Forums. Everyone genuinely wants to help, and we all work off the same "playbook" (a big advantage). And oh yes… no one has a hidden agenda or tries to sell you a thing.

Bottom Line? There’s an immense difference between building a site vs. a business. FIND OUT MORE

$14,500 a month by giving everything away except one thing!

One of my clients is ‘crushing it’ (as they say) with this method.

I have to say I love this approach and it

makes a hell of a lot more sense for this particular person than trying to sell $9 products

So this chap realized very quickly that it’s a lot easier trying to sell one product priced at $1,000 than it is to sell 112 products priced at $9 to make that same $1,000

He’s dead right too – it is.

The only snag is having the reputation and building up the trust of your list to ask for that $1,000 price tag

So here’s how we did it…

I can sum up his business model in just a few words:  

He gives everything away for free  except the high ticket stuff

So all his front-end reports are free, and interestingly, so are his upsells.

If you opt-in into one of his free WSO’s

you’ll put your name into the squeeze page as usual, and also as usual you’ll expect to be presented with an upsell or OTO and you ARE…

But that ‘upsell’ is also free!

His emails to his list aren’t affiliate emails, he only ever recommends his own products and he gives LOADS of content away with his emails.

You might think he was leaving a lot of money on the table but when you hear this next bit you’ll see why he does it.

Giving everything away for free builds trust like you wouldn’t believe …and it’s working because this is what happens next:

Every month he opens a limited number of places to work with him on a one-to-one basis at different levels.

Email coaching, personal coaching (although he actually positions it as ‘personal guidance or help’) and on average he sells $14,500 worth of personal help to his small list each month

He spends about $1500 of this income building his list each month and continues to give everything away for free except his higher ticket services which run from around $300 to $5,000 depending on the package you choose

Here’s the important thing:

He’s a relatively new marketer with no real reputation (except to his list) yet he’s using free offers – giving everything away free except his higher ticket products – to make MORE MONEY per month than marketers who are doing WSO launches every 6 weeks to get themselves started.

I think it’s a lovely model AND you’d sleep well at night knowing you were providing solid info for free.

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10% Kennismakingskorting 10%

WORDPRESS WEBSITES – Wij assisteren u graag en adviseren op maat. Zijn er problemen met de actuele (WordPress) website en u komt er niet meer uit? Bespaar u de tijd en vooral de ergernissen.

Wij ontzorgen u compleet en optimaliseren de WordPress website. 

Neem dan contact op en is op dit moment erg voordelig voor u.
– website ontwerp
– uniek responsive thema
– beveiliging
– domeinregistratie
– Hosting incl. SSL-Certificaat
– bedrijfs-product-services teksten
– bedrijfsvideo
– Social Media Integraties – FB+G
– originele bedrijfsteksten
– productfotografie
– keywords
– zoekmachine optimalisatie
– promotie campagnes




Optimaliseren van elke CMS WordPress website.
Inclusief Hosting, Beveiliging, SSL-Certificaat, Zoekmachine optimalisatie, Keywords etc….