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Why You’re Not Making Money: No Autoresponder

Why are you not making money online? There are at least 7 reasons why you’re not making money online. Here is reason number one.

Let’s look at the first reason.

To understand this, let me tell you a story.

Years ago I was a high school teacher. I taught physics and math. I was also on the negotiation committee working with the teachers for a new teacher contract.

One of the issues that came up concerned increases in pay for teachers with several years of experience. Most teacher contracts provide automatic increases in pay for additional years of experience.

The school administration wondered if a teacher who taught for, say 5 years, actually had 5 years of experience, or one year of experience repeated 5 times.

In other words, does a teacher learn new skills and new techniques each year so they can be a better teacher? Or, do many teachers keep doing the same things over and over again, without improving?

We could ask the same question about anyone in just about any occupation.

In online marketing, for example, do you have years of experience, or do you only have several experiences you keep repeating, over and over again?

Why You’re Not Making Money: No Autoresponder

Let me tell you very clearly, if you are not using an autoresponder to build an email marketing list, you are not growing your business, and are repeating one or two experiences over and over again.

Without an email list, you are simply trying to attract new prospects to your offer each and every day.

If that is what your business model is, then, all you are doing is what you should have been doing on your very first day.

On your second day of your internet marketing journey, you should have been contacting your list as well as attracting new prospects.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Repeating Day One Activity

Without a list, you are simply repeating your first day’s experience over and over.

Too many people only try to improve their ability to attract new prospects. But, they never move on to capture the name and email address of people who may be interested, but didn’t buy a product.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Not Capturing Emails

By capturing the name and email address of visitors coming to your site, you gain the opportunity to contact them again.

You probably know it takes 7 or 8 contacts for many people to make a buying decision. And, by building a list, you gain the opportunity to make a sale of your primary product, as well as a number of additional products.

The saying that the fortune is in the followup is absolutely true. If are struggling without an autoresponder, it’s time you began to make some progress in your internet marketing journey.

Why You’re Not Making Money: Waiting to Get an Autoresponder

It’s time for you to go beyond your day one activity. Start your day two experience now. Sign up for an autoresponder today.

An autoresponder will help you automatically contact your subscribers and keep in touch with them. It will actually make your life a lot easier. And it will help you become more prosperous.

Finally, cast failure aside and make real progress on your internet marketing journey.

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Make Income Sharing What You Love!


Make Income Sharing What You Love!


Welcome to Sailing with Albie!

I love sailing, hiking, personal motivation, business and sharing what I love with others! Feel free to check out all my exciting adventures at my websites below!

Today I want to share with you how to make income “Sharing What You Love!”


Albion Derbyshire c 2018


Have you ever wanted to make income sharing what you love?

I don’t know about you but I love sailing. I also enjoy drawing sail boats on the ocean. Here’s a couple shots of how I began drawing this picture. I first started with the basic outline (which I have been perfecting for a long time).

Basic picture outline

Then I begin the shading in process. This is a mixture of making a lot of squiggly lines and then making them darker and more refined as you go. Eventually you bring a definite sharpness to the shading (especially where it gets darker) but allow for an unrefined quality on the outer portions.

The shading in process…

I love being on the water in almost any form: sailboat, kayak, canoe, cruise ship, old sailing tall ship. How about you?

Want more time to do what you love and share it with the world?

Here’s the steps on how it works:
With the Power Lead System you can easily create your own:
Landing Pages, Ads, Posts, Power blog, Funnels &
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Then build your landing pages, funnels and topics on your email list around your interests and what you want to sell!

How about you. Want to share what you love and make a full time income? I will introduce you to my mentor Alan Cosens that makes seven figures online.


After you get started, feel free to look me up & connect with me on Facebook and email/call me! I want to help you! 

Make income sharing what you love! 

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To your success!

~Albie Derbyshire


cell: 626-379-5692


PS: Want to meet my millionaire mentor? Robert Hollis has helped 52 people earn one million dollars and above! He has tons of free help and videos for you!


Love Sailing like I do?

Check out my sailing websites: 




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