Is Being Willing to Learn Enough for Success?

Being willing to learn can make you successful. But, only if you are willing to use what you know to direct your daily actions.

Practically everyone has heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

But, how many people really believe that it is true? How many people actually put what they know into practice?

Sure, it’s nice to learn new things. You may be curious and have a thirst for knowledge. You may be eager to learn and be a studious person. You may even have several college degrees, but are not making enough money.

Are You Willing to Learn the Secret?

I bet most of you have purchased a number of marketing training packages. And, you probably feel good knowing 20 different way to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. You probably bought several applications that help you optimize your web pages. You may even have a number of blogs.

But, you need to actually implement just a few things to move from struggling to successful.

Being teachable means more than just being willing to add to your knowledge.

The Secret You Must Be Willing to Learn

Bodybuilder and author Tom Venuto said, “Knowledge unused is worthless; only knowledge applied is power.” Or, said another way, “Knowledge unused is useless knowledge.”

Just because you know something does not mean you are using that knowledge to direct your actions. We are often reluctant to make changes to our habits and daily routines.

What makes a person successful is that they are moldable, adaptable, flexible, tractable, transformable.

A successful person has the right knowledge. And they have the willingness to make the necessary changes to their life. Successful people put their knowledge into practice.

The secret you must be willing to learn is to put right knowledge to work. That means you must do what your knowledge tells you to do. You must often delay emotional gratification and get to work.

Willing to Learn the Right Knowledge

Let’s face it. Practically everyone is willing to sell you a “secret” technique to gain wealth.

But, beware. To get the right knowledge you need to have the right teacher or mentor. Follow the advice of someone who actually has the success you want to achieve.

And, being trained by the right mentor will probably not cost a mere $29.97. The right mentor will provide both knowledge and a system for you to follow.

So, learn about potential mentors and pick one who is real, and wants to mentor you.

Willing to Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

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You may know the Scottish proverb, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” This simply means that if merely wishing could make things happen, then even the most lazy person could fulfill their every wish.

Successful people are driven by goals. They know what they need to accomplish. And they don’t rest until the achieve their daily goals.

You must not confuse activity with achievement. Many people are active, but they are not actively working to achieve their goals.

Willing to Learn to Couple Knowledge and Goals

Here is the final secret. You must use the right knowledge to set goals. You then will work toward your desired success.

If you know what to do to succeed, your goals will ensure that you take significant steps toward that success.

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