Get 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads Every Day

Want to discover how you can add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day? I’ll tell you. And, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

What’s the Cost of Adding 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads to Your List Every Day?

Have you struggled to build a hot email list? How did you attract the leads you already have?

How hard would you have to work and how much would it cost to add 100 opportunity seeker leads to your list every day?

If you used solo ads, you could hope for an opt-in rate of 50%. So, you would need to order 200 clicks and hope for that 50% opt-in rate. Even at 40ยข per click, that’s going to cost you $80 each and every day.

Can you afford that? Probably not. You would need an incredibly effective funnel and email sequence. Otherwise, the costs of building your list would eat you alive.

Automate Your Opportunity Seeker Lead Generation

There are many ways to get your message in front of people to entice them to sign up to your list. Some people use Facebook ads, they use Craigslist, some use safelists or traffic exchanges.

Frankly, these sources are not very automated. You have to spend a lot of time going to each site to enter your advertisement. At least with most safelists, you can use Fast Traffic Bot to automatically earn credits you can then use to mail your offers.

Automated Way to Add 100 Opportunity Seeker Leads

But, there is a more automated way to contact a growing number of opportunity seekers. And, this is with My Lead Gen Secret. This system adds 100 new leads to your list every day. You get 200 leads per day if you are an active affiliate.

You can email these leads once a day with a built-in CAN-SPAM compliant autoresponder.

How Much Does My Lead Gen Secret Cost?

The cost is an initial $30 set-up fee, then $30 a month. That’s about $1 day day for 3000 new opportunity seekers every month. And, what’s great, these subscribers are unique to you.

Compared to $80 a day, $2400 a month using solo ads, this cost of $30 a month is a drop in the bucket.

Nobody else is emailing to them but you. They are not being bombarded by offers from tens or even hundreds of people. This is one reason you experience such phenomenal open rates and click-through rates.

And, this system provides you with a broadcast autoresponder that is CAN-SPAM compliant. You can mail your leads every day if you like. Or you can wait for them to accumulate and email them when it’s convenient.

Most people choose to rotate through several business opportunities in their emails. This provides subscribers with a diversity of opportunities that will appeal to them.

Experience with My Lead Gen Secret

Real people, just like you, have been successful online using this list building source.

  • Curtis Goudy had yet to make his first dime online yet pulled in $400 in 4 days using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Judith Finley was a massive skeptic (she runs her own safelists) but recently starting using My Lead Gen Secret.
  • Mike Everett bought My Lead Gen Secret and within 24 hours he’d made sales and landed in the Top 10 of an affiliate contest.
  • Julia Short and Larry Flora used My Lead Gen Secret and banked a cool $753.32 in less than 72 hours.
  • Carol invested in My Lead Gen Secret and paid for his signup fee on her very first day.

After using the system for a couple of weeks I found it to be quite effective. The open rates for my emails (heavily dependent on the subject line) ranged from a low of 5.86% to a high of 19.67%. These are pretty high rates of subscribers actually reading your emails. Click through rates for those who opened the emails ranged from 8.37% to 17.07%. Again, very good rates of readers clicking to your offers.

Imagine the effect of sending emails to thousands of subscribers, with more being added every day.

my lead gen secret

Isn’t it time you tried My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret Real User Review

Hi. I was compelled to do a little follow-up video for you guys, I believe it was on the 8th. I posted it on the 8th and I wanted to give you my results from My Lead Gen secret.

Results of Sending to 500 Opportunity Seeker Leads

I’d sent out 500 leads, okay, sent 500 leads on 3/7/2019. This is gives you evidence, because you know, people tell you anything. This is a real proof.

Now I thought. OK, they send you the stats and that’s it. So you know, the stats were pretty good. To know they’ve been updated. I can’t believe this! Wait till you see this, guy’s! You’re going to freak out.

I cannot believe this. OK. so I sent to 500 leads on 3/7/2019. Lookie here. 242 were opened. 75 were clicked. It’s got an open rate of 48 percent and 31 percent click-through.

Amazing Results From Opportunity Seeker Leads

I was blown away. Can you believe this? Almost half of them were opened. 75 clicked, for a click-through rate of 31%. My Lead Gen Secret is unbelievable. And I want to tell you something. I can teach you all how to do this from your phone. I’m doing everything from my phone. No laptop, no computer. Phone, phone, phone. Again the 500 leads, 242 opened, 75 clicked, 48 percent open rate, and a 31 percent click-through rate.

I’m so jacked up I don’t know what to do. You guys have got to check this out. It’s really not to be believed. I love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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