Online Business Success With No More SELLING

Is online business success with no more selling even possible?

The answer may surprise you because most people have been taught to sell products.

But, promoting one product or another in your online business means you’re simply a salesperson. And, the fact is …

Nobody Likes a Salesman

Why? Salespeople are not objective. The are biased toward their “brand” of products.

They can only sell certain products.

Ford dealers won’t recommend a GM product. Only Ford products.

You know salespeople are not looking out for your best interests. They are trying to sell you on their own band of products.

The trust level of salespeople is pretty low — with good reason.

Wouldn’t it be better to achieve online business success with no more selling?

If you are into affiliate marketing, you know the resistance of your audience. After all, you’re simply pitching the “product of the day.” Tomorrow you will probably be pitching another product.

If you are involved with a network marketing or MLM program, you are probably trying to promote your products. It may be cosmetics products, skin-care products, sports nutrition dietary supplements, essential oils, meal replacement foods, etc.

But, you should not be simply promoting and selling your products.

Instead you should be building your organization with people who…

1) Want to make more money
2) Are willing to spend a little money for products each month

You should be finding people who know they can’t reach their lifestyle goals with their current methods. These are the people who will build a network marketing business.

Then teach them to find people who want to make more money.

The product you use should help you promote your opportunity to people who want to make more money.

It’s that simple.

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How to Make More Sales: Know, Like, and Trust

If you’re stuck on selling, you need help. You need to get your prospects to trust you.

And, that is pretty hard.

Here are some tips to help people progress from knowing you, liking you, to trusting you. This process is helpful if you want them to buy the product you are promoting.

Online Business Success With No More SELLING

But, why go through the hassle if you don’t need to.

Find people who want to own their life and show them how to do just that.

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