Testing and Optimizing Moves You From Struggling to Successful

Testing and Optimizing helps you to stop struggling and start making more money. No one is perfect. So there is always room from improvement.

Making improvements in your email open rate, conversion rate, and your sales funnel usually requires testing small changes and measuring the results of those changes.

Testing and Optimizing Sales Copy

How good are you at writing sales copy? Sales copy is the set of words your potential customers see that help them make buying decisions.

Good copywriters can earn several thousand dollars for writing one good ad. They have experience and know what works. And, even then, some ads work exceptionally well, and some ads perform poorly.

Every time you write a blog post that attempts to persuade your readers about some topic, you are essentially writing sales copy. You want your readers to change their minds about something. You may be writing to encourage your readers to support a political candidate, or to buy a product. In any case, you are trying to change minds.

Do you write perfect, highly optimized copy? Probably not. And, most definitely not on the first attempt.

Isn’t it obvious that you need to make changes to make what you write more effective? Of course.

And, how do you determine if a change you make is better or worse than the original? You look at the results.

Did your change produce more or less results than the original?

You measure the results both before and after the change.

Testing and Optimizing Email Subject Lines

In marketing, we often call the testing phase A/B Split Testing. It’s like doing an experiment on your prospects to see how they respond to two options.

Let’s suppose we have two email subject lines. A subject line is what you see in your email inbox. You read the subject line and decide if you want to read a particular email or not.

Suppose two subject lines you want to test are:

  • How to be happy with your results
  • How to be overjoyed with your results

The difference is just one word. Which subject line will get more people to open your email?

You don’t know. So you have to test. How do you do that?

You select a portion of your list, say 15%, to receive one headline and another 15% of subscribers to receive the other headline.

The headline that gets the most “opens” is the winner. You can use that headline to send your email to the remaining 70% of your list.

Testing and Optimizing Everything With Measurable Results

Testing small differences, measuring results and optimizing your email subject line, email copy, signup forms, calls to action, and all other aspects of your business requires time and effort. This is how you make advances in your online (or offline) business.

In addition to modifications, you may try removing unnecessary or distracting elements of, say, your web page. For example, too many options confuses people and often reduces buying decisions.

Testing and Optimizing Removes Emotional Attachments

You may be emotionally attached to certain ideas or stories that do not resonate with your readers. These become distractions that reduce the effectiveness of your presentation.

Testing lets you find out how your potential customer reacts to your presentation. The objective testing, measuring of results, and optimizing will help your presentation have the maximum impact.

Testing and Optimizing Produces Good Results

You should be testing and analyzing everything you do. This is the only way you will move from being unsuccessful to becoming successful.

Don’t Have Time For Testing and Optimizing?

If you don’t test and optimize your marketing campaigns you are not going to rise to the exceptional. You may do OK, or you may keep struggling.

Most successful online marketers have a staff of people working to optimize their campaigns. They can expend the manpower to get everything just right.

Most of us “mortals” find it very difficult to do all that testing.

This is when working with a professional can help.