Effective Safelist Marketing

Effective safelist marketing can make your marketing effects successful. A safelist is made up of a group of members who are willing to receive emails from you. They will click a credit link in the email. Then they will look at the web page you are promoting for a short time. This will earn them credits that will allow them to send their ad to safelist members.

People use safelists in order to send their ad to a large number of people who will actually read their ad. For the right kind of ad, this can be quite effective.

The main advantage of safelists is that they are free advertising. Most safelists are free to use, though most have upgrades that offer various advantages (such as more credits per click or shorter viewing times).

A couple of safelists I use nearly every day are:

What is Safelist Traffic?

Safelist traffic primarily consists of people who are in the Internet marketing, business opportunity, or make money online niche.

Safelist traffic includes people who want to show other people their ads. So, they are involved in marketing and promoting various opportunities or products.

What Should You Promote to a Safelist?

You should promote a page that would appeal to a person involved in a business opportunity or online marketing.

The most effective type of page to promote on safelists is an opt-in page. People involved in one opportunity are often looking for another opportunity that will produce better results. If your opportunity looks promising, viewers will opt-in to see what you have to offer.

You opt-in page should be appealing and must load quickly. People using safelists will view you page for, usually, 6 to 15 seconds to gain credits. That’s all the time your page will have to attract their interest.

Do Safelists Still Work?

Safelists still work. I usually get several people opting in to my autoresponder every day.

Of course, this depends on the particular page I am promoting. Here is one page I find is quite effective.

Note that thousands of people will need to see your opt-in page for you to get a single subscriber. So, this advertising technique is much less effective than, say, solo ads. But, safelists are free. So they are great for people just starting out.

Safelist Marketing | Can Safelist Make You Money? Watch this first!

This video shows how one person is building a Traffic Wave business using free safelist advertising.

How to Make Money with Safelists

Of course, making money with safelists is what everyone wants. But, you must remember that you have only about 10 seconds to attract the viewer’s attention. After that they will close your page and view the next credit link.

That’s not enough time to present an effective sales page for a product.

So, you do not make money directly with a safelist. Instead, you use a safelist to build your autoresponder list.

Once you have subscribers to your list, then you send them emails promoting your business opportunity or products.

How to Use Safelists Effectively

I use safelists nearly every day. But, I don’t spend a lot of time reading emails and clicking credit links. I automate this process.

While I’m writing this post I have Fast Traffic Bot working in the background reading emails and clicking credit links, earning me credits every minute.

When I’m ready, I log in the the safelists and send my promotional email to thousands of safelist members.

I even have some bonuses for you if you purchase Fast Traffic Bot. Take a look at these bonuses here.

Safelists can be an effective advertising tool for you. Give them a try.