What Is Content Marketing And How It Works

Have you always asked yourself just what is content marketing and how does it work? It’s something that has become increasingly prevalent now that many people access the internet from different electronics, including phones, tablets, and laptops. This method of marketing includes sharing different types of content, such as blog posts, high-quality images, infographics, and more. If you’d like to get started, there are some things you need to know.

Avoid the Common Mistakes Marketers Make

Some marketers are a bit too pushy when trying to deliver an important message. Rather than engaging with the readers, they may be pushing a product too much. The purpose of marketing is to attract business and make sales, but you have to be creative about the approach. Simply trying to push a product and constantly talking about that product will not get you very far.

Aside from being too pushy, avoid overdoing the SEO. Yes, it’s important to use certain keywords in your content, but that doesn’t mean you should stuff the content with those keywords. If the content lacks substance and doesn’t have much to offer to the readers, you’re not going to have the best success with content marketing. It’s important to understand that content marketing isn’t as hard as it seems, but you have to avoid making these mistakes if you truly want to see the fruits of your labor.

Use Videos to Tell Stories

How many videos have gone viral on the internet? It’s impossible to count them all because there are so many that have made an impression, whether good or bad. One of your goals should be to create compelling videos where you’re not just selling a product, but actually telling a story that touches your audience. The experiences you have could be used to create a video that people can relate to and enjoy for all kinds of reasons.

If you’re getting shares, people will take the time to search you up. They’ll look at your social media accounts and they may start following you and your business. Going viral for all the right reasons is a great way to grow your business. Of course, you can’t predict what will go viral and what won’t, but simply being honest and relatable in your videos could get you further.

Write Well on All Platforms

If you’re a skilled writer, use your talent to write well on all platforms. You’ll need to use social media for marketing purposes. The quality of your posts is crucial. If they’re not well-written, they may be overlooked by your followers.

Write engaging posts that are getting straight to the point. There is no need to beat around the bush on social media. Discuss your thoughts, provide commentary, and interact as professionally as possible with followers.

Now you no longer have to ask what is content marketing and try then to figure out how to use it wisely. You now know more about this type of marketing so you might be ready to give it a try for yourself. Make sure you’re not making those common mistakes and are simply focused on taking the right approach with everything you do, such as creating compelling videos and writing out posts on social media. If you’re doing it right, content marketing could help you grow your business.

4 Ways to Build Your List | How to Build an Email List

4 way to build your list shows you how to build an email list. You probably know an email list is essential to making big money online.

We’re going to put you on the fast track to building your own lucrative email list. Here are some profitable suggestions to build your email list.

Watch the video below for even more information.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Lead Magnets

The most popular way to build your list is with a lead magnet. This is something you give away for free. It can be an info product, a training video or course, or some software application.

You might have general information in a post, for example. And you would offer specific details or action steps in an “exclusive PDF” when a visitor subscribes to your list. Getting the bonus content can be a great incentive for people to give you their email address.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Quiz Results

You create a quiz on your site. When the visitor takes your quiz, you tell them that they can get the results in their email when they subscribe to your list. Many will want to see their results and will subscribe.

There are a number of quiz plugins for WordPress you can use for this purpose.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Provide Useful Content

The major reason people subscribe to a list or newsletter is to get helpful information.

The more helpful your posts are, the more people will want to learn more from you. In order not to miss any useful ideas and tips you have, they will subscribe to your list.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Use Solo Ads

The fastest way to grow your list is to get more targeted traffic to your opt-in form. And, advertising is the way many people attract new subscribers.

Many other people have lists related to your niche. You can pay them to send visitors to one of your pages (with your opt-in form, of course).

For more ideas about ways to build your list, watch the following video.

4 Ways to Build Your List | How to Build an Email List

You know that you need to build an email list. You know that you need to grow an email list. But you’re, like, how the actual you know what, do I grow my email list without just losing my mind?

So today I’m gonna tell you four ways that you can build your list, super easily, without any crazy launches or crazy anything. These are all ways that get people on your email list super simply.

Welcome back to my channel. And if you are new here, I’m Jessica Stansbury, your host and tour guide here on this channel.

Buckle Up and Get Ready to Build Your List

And first and foremost please keep all arms and hands inside of the vehicle at all times as we do sometimes hit rough terrain. Second of all, before this ride can start you need to hit the red subscribe button because we cannot go anywhere until that has happened.

So, like I said, we know we need to be building a list. You know you need to be building a list. Building a list is something that needs to be a priority, and that list building is huge, that the money is in the list. You know all of these things. But you’re, like, how do I do it? How do I build my list? How can I… what techniques can I use to build my list so that it grows and that I can sell from it? What do I do?

I’m gonna give you four techniques for list building. So if you are like, okay, and I’ve got the list. I’ve got the business. I am trying to get my audience on my list. How do I convince them to do that? This is your video. So let’s just jump into it.

These are in no particular order. And each one has a different reason that you might want to use it. A different instance in your business, and different businesses should be using different ones more than others. So, no particular order, here.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Giveaways

Number one is a giveaway. Doing giveaways of something people actually want something that they’re like, “Yes. sign me up for that. Do not worry, I will get it. I’m going to this giveaway it will change my life,” will cause them to sign up super quick.

People guard their email addresses because they know now that they’re used for marketing purposes. But a giveaway, they’re like, yeah, yeah, sign me up for that. I want to win that camera, or that course, or that signed a copy of that book, or whatever. And I want to win it now!

So using a giveaway to list build is huge because one its building your audience’s trust and, you know, your authority for your audience. But also, it’s building a list. Yo! And that’s super important.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Webinars

The second technique I want to mention is webinars. Now you can do webinars to launch products; you can do webinars to, you know, talk about something really important, to teach something to your audience. But, all in all, they are an amazing list builder. And especially when you can pair up with someone else to do a webinar because they’re gonna bring in their audience you’re bringing in yours and the list from that is amazing and massive. And everybody’s going to benefit. So webinars are huge and you should be hosting them, gathering emails for people who want to be a part of them, and adding them to your email list.

And even if it’s a non selling webinar, that doesn’t mean that down the road you’re not going to sell on a webinar. And those people you just added are going to be the people who purchase. So make sure you do that.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Host Free Challenges

The third technique you can use to list build is to host free challenges. So free challenges are amazing because it really removes the stigma for people that something takes too much time. So it’s, like, you know, what this is a free five day challenge to help you X, Y, and Z. And in their head they’re, like, I can get that done in five days. I thought it took 100 years.

Let me sign up for that. Challenges are an amazing way to, again, build a relationship with your audience, but also build that list. And help them along the way. So if you’ve not hosted a free challenge, it might be something you want to consider.

4 Ways to Build Your List: Freebies

And the fourth way to list build and to get people on that email list is probably the one you hear about the most, and it’s probably the one I talk about the most, and that is to provide freebies. Now a freebie can be a free video, a free workshop even, a free course, a free PDF, an ebook, a downloadable, a printable, whatever. It can be something that is going to help them accomplish what they’re looking to accomplish. That you can help them with. So provide a free something, aka, a freemium, freebie, opt-in, upgrade, whatever you want to call it. Where the person watching your videos, or reading your blog post, or viewing your Facebook post, or whatever, is sitting there and thinking, “Oh my gosh! Yes! I need that thing because it will really help me in whatever this problem is I’m facing.” And then they’ll gladly give you their email address.

So those are the four techniques that I recommend for building that list, because the money is in the list, and it’s super freakin important that you build yours, I promise.

Have You Started to Build Your List?

Have you started building a list for your business? Is that something that you’ve made a priority? And what program are you using to do it? I’d love to know in the comments because that’s one of my biggest questions I get is, you know, what, who do I use to host my email list? And I’m a huge fan of ConvertKit, but I know that there’s a lot of other options out there.

So drop it below. Let me know. Let me know if you’re in list building mode and what has been your most successful list builder to this date? And then also subscribe because, remember, like the whole like train didn’t leave in the beginning if you didn’t subscribe. It still applies here and it ain’t stopping. You’re just going to keep going forever until you hit subscribe. Because that’s the rules.

Bye y’all.

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