Why You’re Not Making Money: No Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is simply the flow of visitors to your site who are interested in the topic or niche of your site or web page. These are people most interested in what you have to say.

The primary purpose of getting targeted traffic to your site should be to build your own email list. You may also get the bonus of immediate sales.

Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site

There are two ways targeted traffic comes to a particular page of your site.

  • Free Traffic

    The first way to get targeted website traffic is to make your site attractive to the search engines. There are two important steps in this process.

    1. On Site Optimization. You design each page of your own site to discuss a certain topic or keyword phrase. You mention that keyword phrase several times. And you use other words and phrases that are closely related to your targeted phrase.
    2. Off Site Optimization. You work to get other sites to link back to your site.

    This technique provides targeted traffic, but it comes slowly because it takes a long time to optimize your site for the search engines.

  • Paid Traffic

    The second way to get targeted traffic to your site is through paid traffic. There are several popular ways to buy targeted traffic.

    1. Buy Search Pay Per Click Traffic

      Search engines display web pages that they believe relate to the search phrase you typed in. But they also sell ad space. In Google, for example, several of the top search results Google shows you are actually ads. Also, results you see to the right of the main search results are also ads. You bid a certain amount of money per click to get your ad displayed for certain search terms. You pay each time your ad is clicked. Then, when someone clicks your ad, they are shown the web page you want them to see. This technique can provide fast targeted traffic, but it is very competitive and the cost per click can be high.

    2. Display Ads

      Most popular websites sell advertising. You are probably familiar with news sites or social media sites. These, and many other sites, sell ad space to marketers. Facebook, for example, sells advertising space. A marketer can select certain characteristics of Facebook users they want to see their ad. Marketers can select people to see their ad based on interests, geographic location, age, job classification, even income level. This helps them select a finely targeted audience to see their ad.

    3. Email Targeted Traffic (Solo Ads)

      People who already have a mailing list will sell space in an email for your ad. The list owners may put your ad in their newsletter or they may send a single or solo email with your ad. You choose an email list owner whose niche is related to your own niche. These targeted visitors can come quickly. And, there are many email list owners you can use.

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