You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects

Emailing Your Prospects

You Are Not Making Money Because You Are Not Emailing Your Prospects. You need to contact them to move them to a buying decision.

You’ve got your autoresponder, have set up an eye-catching opt-in form, and are getting targeted traffic to your opt-in page.

Now you need a good email sequence. This is a set of emails that your autoresponder will automatically send to your subscribers. Each subscriber will begin getting this sequence of emails once they opt in to your list.

Some systems, like FunnelXROI, provide a set of effective emails to you. But, otherwise, you need to write your own emails.

You need to pay attention to four major areas of the emails you write. These are critical to your success.

Subject Line: Emailing Your Prospects

The most important part of your emails is the subject line. This is what is displayed in your email inbox. The subject line will determine whether your email gets opened or deleted with all the other boring emails.

The subject line must be short, promise a benefit, and arouse curiosity. Don’t SHOUT by using a lot of capital letters. But, don’t make the subject line sound spammy.

Body Copy: Emailing Your Prospects

Your subject line has been a success. A subscriber opens your email and starts to read the text (or body) of your email.

Will they keep reading? Yes, if your email holds their attention. And, if it looks clean and short. Do not use long paragraphs.

Very quickly you must identify a problem that personally affects the reader. Personalize this statement with the name of the recipient. Your autoresponder lets you add the recipients name if your opt-in form captured their name.

Then, tell them about your solution and why it is important. List a few important benefits of your solution.

Finally, give them an easy next step. Give the reader a clear action step they can take immediately.

Avoid SPAM Words: Emailing Your Prospects

Of course you want your emails to be delivered to the inbox of your subscribers. Nothing frustrates this more than a SPAM checker putting your email into the SPAM folder. So, be careful when you write your emails.

Avoid words that are characteristic of SPAM emails. Some of these words or phrases are:

  • 100% free
  • one hundred percent free
  • all new
  • best price
  • discount
  • fast cash
  • for free
  • free sample
  • giving away
  • great offer

To be sure, use an online SPAM checker. Just Google “spam checker” and you’ll find several sites that let you check your subject line and body copy for SPAM words.

Keep your emails out of the SPAM folder.

Measure and Test: Emailing Your Prospects

Your email marketing campaign can be a major success or a big flop.

Even if it’s successful, you’ll want to make it even better.

The way to improve your email marketing campaign is to measure results and test changes.

Your autoresponder will tell you the open rates for each of your emails. Open rate tells you what percentage of subscribers opened a particular email. In other words, the open rate tells you how effective your subject line is.

You also can determine how many times a link in your emails was clicked. This tells you how effective your body copy is.

Test small changes in your subject lines and body copy to see which version produces better results.

You can send two versions of an email to portions of your subscribers. Measure the differences between the two. This is called A/B split testing and your autoresponder should allow you to do this.

Start Emailing Your Prospects

Success comes when you put your action plan to work. And, of course, you know that it’s you who actually does the initial work. In this case you need to write emails. Then, let your autoresponder do the work of sending them out.

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